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Shapps warns world has taken ‘eye off the ball’ and it’s ‘extremely difficult’ for Kyiv to ‘hold ground’

15th May 24 7:21 am

The British Defence Secretary has warned that the world has taken their “eye off the ball” which is the reason why we are seeing the “position we see in Kharkiv.”

Grant Shapps said during the Sea Power Conference on Tuesday that Russia winning the war and capturing Ukraine is “unimaginable and unacceptable.”

The Ukrainian Defence Minister has given a grave warning that it is “extremely difficult” for his soldiers to hold ground in Kharkiv as they are outgunned by Russian troops.

Rustem Umerov made a renewed plea, he said, “We need more artillery shells as Russia is still many times ahead.

“Under such conditions it’s extremely difficult to hold the ground.”

The British Defence Secretary said, “I’ve heard repeatedly, including said to me by [Ukraine’s] President Zelenskyy, which is that without Britain, they wonder whether they would still have been in this war at all.”

Shapps then criticised Western leaders for taking their “eye off the ball” which ultimately led to the “position we see in Kharkiv” currently.

Shapps said, “The amount of time it’s taken to get the rest of the funding through has directly led to the position we see in Kharkiv today.”

The Defence Secretary added that the current situation is not “fatal,” but is it an “an important lesson to the world not to lose attention about Ukraine.”

However, the Ukrainian intelligence chief has warned that the frontlines are “on the edge” as Russia is making more territorial gains.

Krill Budanov warned during an interview with the New York Times that “every hour this situation moves toward critical” on the battlefield for Ukrainian troops.

On top of this Vladimir Putin has now placed submarine launched, Bulava intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) into service.

The Bulava has a range of 5,160 miles which carries six to ten guided warheads that would strike multiple targets all at once, the missiles can even hit the UK within minutes.

Tass Russian state news agency quoter the missile’s chief designer Yuri Solomonov.

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