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Police ‘legitimacy is hanging by a thread’ as ‘trust has been severely damaged’ amid ‘corrupt’ rapist cop

by LLB staff reporter
19th Jan 23 1:10 pm

Police chiefs are worried that their “legitimacy is hanging by a thread” as “trust has been severely damaged” as many no longer have trust in the police, amid the rapist “corrupt” cop David Carrick got away with being able to rape and sexually abuse women for years.

Chief Constable of British Transport Police (BTP) Lucy D’Orsi shared her shame and anger that a fellow cop was freely able to carry out an 18-year campaign to sexually abuse women despite many complaints being made against the corrupt copper.

He joined the Met Police in 2001 and Carrick faced numerous complaints throughout his time serving, until he was finally arrested in October 2021 for rape.

Carrick who is a former Metropolitan Police officer admitted 49 criminal charges, including 24 counts of rape against 12 women which has made this vile former cop one of the UK’s most prolific sex offenders.

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He abused his position as a serving police officer in the Met to gain women’s trust to abuse and rape them later sexually.

Humberside Police’s Chief Constable, Lee Freeman, called it “one of the darkest weeks for policing that I have known” he has known in his career which spans nearly three decades.

Freeman said, “Here in Humberside, I feel that we have a collective responsibility to reflect and recognise that the events in London also directly impact on us and how our communities see us.

“Indeed, this is already having an impact.

“I feel that the case of Carrick, along with other prominent cases that regrettably precede it, means police legitimacy is hanging by a thread.”

Freeman added, “(That) fails to recognise the unique position that policing has in a liberal democracy.

“As members of the police service, many of us have the right to take away another person’s liberty, by the use of force if necessary, and detain them for up to an initial 24 hours.

“This power is conferred to us on the basis that everyone of us is completely trusted.

“Right now, I feel that this trust has been severely damaged.”

D’Orsi wrote in a blog post on the BTP website, “If I was to commit a crime, get arrested and give my details, there is no obvious system check that would flag that I’m a police officer if I didn’t choose to tell them.

“Yes, you read that correctly. On arrest, my DNA and prints would be taken and checked against national forensics databases.

“Even though I’ve provided my biometric samples to the police (my employer), the datasets are not run together to identify a match.

“As it stands today, I could be arrested by the police and nobody but me would know I am the police. In my view, this is a priority issue for our attention.

“Otherwise, others could fall through the cracks and go on to do harm.”

She added, “It’s about time we understood and closed the gaps.”

She continued, “At times like this, I find myself awake at night wondering how we can strengthen our approach, stopping the likes of PC Carrick from the very moment an allegation is made.”

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