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Pakistan’s official airports Twitter account is the most optimistic and brilliant in the world

28th Mar 14 11:37 am

Aviation authorities don’t have it easy in the modern world. Too often they must bear the indignity and injustice of the public’s perception that they are somehow more dour and straight-laced than other transport authorities and governing bodies. Who among us hasn’t witnessed an international aviation authority become emotionally crumpled by catty criticism about its conservative character, or smote by smarmy smears that it is simply not silly enough?

It was only a matter of time before an aviation authority stood tall and said: enough is enough. We’ll show you that the world of aviation authority-ing doesn’t have to be boring.

Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority is that aviation authority. Its @AirportPakistan account is quite simply the jolliest, LOL-iest aviation authority in the Twittersphere.

And we really like it.

Just look at the difference in tone it takes to dull old Heathrow – @AirportPakistan is caring, compassionate and casual, making Heathrow look positively moody.

Ah, the smiley face. It’s a perennial favourite of @AirportPakistan, which does its duties with a diligent merriness unheard of elsewhere in the aviation authority world.

Sure, most of its tweets may be announcing the cancellation or delay of flights – which appear to be quite regular occurrences, with flight delay announcements coming hourly or multiple times each hour – but why let that spoil your day?

If someone tweets you a slightly snarky comment, just respond cheerily:


That key insight again, folks – if someone seems dissatisfied with your service, just take it on the chin:


No matter how much flack you get, stay classy, stay nice:


@AirportPakistan goes so far as to defend its aviation compadres while trying to make peace with their critics, even when the problem at hand is nothing to do with it. That’s courage, and true kindness:



  That conversation went on and on, but @AirportPakistan never lost patience:




It’s always polite, too:

And you know what? We believe @AirportPakistan deserves high praise for its efforts.

We’re with you, @mirza9 – #FF for @AirportPakistan.


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