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NHS Dr warns her ward is full of young people infected with Covid-19

by LLB Reporter
2nd Apr 20 10:42 am

An NHS doctor who is on the frontline has warned that her ward is full of young people and is urging people to strictly follow the lockdown laws.

Dr Ami Jones who works at the Royal Gwent Hospital as an intensive care consultant said the hospital is “very, very busy.”

Dr Jones said it is not just the vulnerable people aged over 70, she said her ward is packed with younger people who are very sick with coronavirus.

Dr Jones told ITV News, “We are very, very busy. This whole hospital is busy.

“We have already surged beyond our standard capacity.

“It’s not just the vulnerable and elderly that are getting poorly – my unit is full of 20, 30 and 40-year-olds.”

She said: “We are prepared to surge if we need to but we hope we don’t.

“We hope lockdown and social distancing will flatten the curve, but people do need to lock down.

“Popping to the shops for a paper is not essential, everybody is at risk.

“I’ve got ITU patients on my ward who were previously fit and well so if you think it’s not going to affect you and you can just go out and do what you want then you are wrong.

“You will end up in ITU if you are not careful.”

NHS doctors face “grave decisions” over who lives and who dies according to new guidance issued over life saving treatment for coronavirus patients.

Should hospitals become overwhelmed with infected patients then doctors will have to make those decisions, the latest guidance from the British Medical Association (BMA) states.

The BMA guidance warns of decisions in rationing scarce resources of ventilators which means a large proportion of patients may not receive the lifesaving treatment.

The BMA reports says, NHS staff will face “grave decisions which means some patients may be denied intensive forms of treatment that they would have received outside a pandemic.

According to scientists the UK could already have 1.8m people who are already infected with coronavirus, with one in every 37 who already have the virus.

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