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New trend alert: these landscape ideas will be ruling in 2020

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10th Dec 19 3:24 pm

New year’s call always brings in new trends – from marketing, business, and fashion to décor, everything experiences a facelift. And this story of change is again going to begin because the new year is about to knock on the door!

We have reached in the middle of December, and it is almost time to bid farewell to 2019 and embrace 2020. Woah! New Year is going to kick in, that means it is time for some new year’s resolutions and planning to make life better than 2019.

When it is about making your life better, changing your living space helps a lot. Adding new colours in your home changes the vibes and brings positive energy in life. But this year, instead of working on a kitchen renovation or adding expensive art pieces, work on improving your outer space. Adding a lavishing, livable and beautiful landscape, not only adds value to your home but also makes your living space enjoyable.

So, if you are thinking of adding landscape renovation in your home facelift plans for 2020, these landscape designing trends might be what you should check out. They are going to be everywhere in the country!

Impressive welcoming impression

It is such a joyful feeling to return home after spending a tiring day. But this happiness multiplies if you enter a well-designed, welcoming front yard instead of a dishevelled outer space that sheds despair and sorrow. Since the past few years, homeowners are looking to make their entrance impressive and impactful. And it seems that this trend is going to invade the landscaping scene in 2020 as well.

For certain good reasons, casting an impressive welcoming impression is not at all equal to breaking your bank. Including colourful flowering plants along the pathway, hanging led bulbs on the trees to give a romantic touch, and creating a pathway of stepping stones are some of the easiest and not-so-expensive ways to make your landscape impactful and welcoming.

Staycation is on the rise

Staycation is based on the idea of bringing travelling vibes right in the comfort of your living space. Travelling to a far off land once in a while is great. But creating a staycation space is a good idea for those who always want to look out ways to escape their dull and boring life for a change.

Lately, homeowners are loving this idea of adding staycation place in their landscape design so that they don’t have to stumble on rolling suitcases on airports. Along with adding comfortable living space, a staycation is also a great idea to enhance the curb appeal of the place with a distinct touch.

Going with the low maintenance

Just like sustainability, low maintenance has also become another buzz word among homeowners. They are looking out for ways to keep the maintenance mess to the minimum so that they can pull the landscape’s beauty for a long time. People usually give up on keeping things tidy and maintained when there is a mess and too many things to handle. Considering that we are always short on time, 2020 is going to be the year of low maintenance landscape designs. So, grow some perennial plants, invest in weather-resistant furniture, and incorporate long-lasting lighting ideas. Things will be a lot easier!

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