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Five ways to inject your company’s personality into your office decor

by Sarah Dunsby
13th May 24 12:46 pm

The first impression when walking into an office can significantly influence both employees and visitors. How an office is decorated can tell a lot about a company’s culture, values, and identity. Thus, thoughtful office decor is not just about aesthetics; it’s a crucial part of your brand communication strategy. Here’s why office decor is crucial, as well as innovative ways to infuse your company’s personality into your office space.

Why is cffice decor important?

Office decor plays a pivotal role in setting the tone for the workplace environment. According to Warwickshire Decorating Contracts, a leading painting and decor company in the United Kingdom, office decor can affect employee morale, productivity, and creativity. A well-designed office can make employees feel valued and inspired, while a bland, uninspired space might do the opposite. Moreover, your office is a physical representation of your brand to every visitor, be it a client, prospective employee, or partner. Effective office decor not only helps reinforce the company’s brand identity but can also make a lasting impression that could potentially influence business decisions.

Here are five ways to ensure your office decor reflects your company’s unique personality:

1. Choose colours that represent your brand

Colour psychology, a branch of psychology that studies how colours affect human behaviour, isn’t just for marketing materials; it can greatly affect the mood and atmosphere within an office. Select a colour scheme that aligns with your brand’s identity and values. For example, blue can evoke feelings of trust and stability, making it a good choice for financial institutions. At the same time, creative industries might opt for vibrant colours like orange or teal to stimulate energy and innovation. Use these colours in the office’s wall paints, furniture, and even accent pieces. The right colours can create a positive and productive work environment, while the wrong ones can have a negative impact on mood and productivity.

2. Incorporate your logo and motto

Your company’s logo and motto are at the core of your identity. Find creative ways to incorporate them into your office decor. This could be as simple as framed prints or as elaborate as custom sculptures or installations that echo the logo’s design. Use areas like the reception desk or meeting rooms to highlight these elements, ensuring they catch the eye of anyone who walks through the door. For instance, you could have a large, prominently displayed logo at the reception area, or a custom-made sculpture of your logo in the lobby.

3. Create themed meeting rooms

Themed meeting rooms can break the monotony of standard office layouts and are a fantastic way to showcase your company’s flair. Each room can tell a different story or embody a core company value or achievement. For instance, a tech company might name rooms after famous inventors or innovations, decorating each with era-specific decor or patents related to the room’s namesake. This adds character to your office and serves as a conversation starter and educational tool. It also creates a unique and memorable experience for clients and visitors, and can foster a sense of pride and belonging among employees.

4. Choose furniture that speaks to your brand ethos

Furniture selection can dramatically reflect your company’s culture. For example, open, collaborative spaces with communal tables and adjustable standing desks suggest a culture that values flexibility and teamwork. On the other hand, more traditional layouts with high-walled cubicles can imply a formal atmosphere focused on individual work. Select furniture that supports your employees’ comfort and productivity while mirroring your corporate identity. This could mean choosing ergonomic chairs and standing desks for a company that values health and wellness, or selecting sleek, modern furniture for a tech company that values innovation and design.

5. Display artwork and artefacts that tell your brand’s story

Art can profoundly impact our emotions and thoughts. Select artwork that complements your company’s industry, culture, and community. This might mean showcasing pieces from local artists if community involvement is a part of your brand ethos or displaying abstract art that sparks creativity and dialogue in a creative agency. Additionally, consider displaying awards, products, or artefacts highlighting significant company milestones or achievements. This beautifies the space and reinforces your brand’s journey and success to every viewer. For instance, a company in the healthcare industry could display artwork that reflects their commitment to patient care, or a company in the food industry could showcase awards they’ve won for their culinary innovations.

Decorating your office is more than just filling a space with furniture and calling it a day. It’s about crafting an environment that embodies your brand’s ethos, inspires your team, and impresses your visitors. By integrating your company’s personality into your office decor, you create a space that looks great and tells your brand’s story effectively and memorably. Remember, the goal is to foster a workplace that feels both innovative and welcoming, encouraging everyone to feel connected to your company’s unique culture and vision. This can be achieved by creating spaces that reflect your company’s values and achievements, and by incorporating elements that inspire and motivate your team.

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