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New footage shows Russia’s ‘atomic cannons’ within 10 miles of Ukraine sparking nuclear war fears

by LLB political Reporter
12th Feb 22 1:06 pm

New footage emerged on Friday showing “atomic cannons” within 10 miles from Ukraine border which has sparked new warnings there could be a nuclear war.

The Russian 2S7 Pion weapons are capable of firing self propelled nuclear tipped shells and have moved to the city of Vesela Lopan, Bolgorod which is 10 miles from the Ukrainian border.

The Pion weapons are also known as “Soviet atomic cannons” and are highly effective which can carry 4 203mm nuclear shells which would decimate large areas of towns and cities.

The “Soviet atomic cannons” were moved closed to the Ukrainian border which has shown complete disregard for NATOs “issues” as peace talks have failed.

The “atomic cannons” are the most powerful artillery weapons ever made which has created fears as Vladimir Putin warned there will be a nuclear war if Ukraine joins NATO.

Russia’s spy chief Sergei Naryshkin, head of SVR foreign intelligence said on Friday that Ukrainian troops are “fully” prepared for war.

Naryshkin, head of the SVR since 2016 and is a close ally of Vladimir Putin warned “humanity’s existence” could be at stake if war starts.

The spy chief said that the West are stoking the fires of war as the UK, US and Canada are supplying Ukraine with weapons and ammunition.

Naryshkin said, “Preparations are in full swing, they cannot be hidden.

“All combat-ready units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are concentrated on the border with Donbas”.

“There is a massive transfer of hundreds of tonnes of military equipment and ammunition from US bases in Europe, from Britain, and Canada.

“The contingent of advisers and instructors from NATO special forces is being increased.”

“Unfortunately, the Western world hasn’t yet come to realise how much the danger of growing mistrust among countries – and the collapse of the foundations of mutual security of countries – is threatening the existence of humanity.

“There is even information about the emergence of multinational units of jihadist militants.”

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