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Moscow responds to Sweden’s war footing warning

by Mark Channer War Correspondent
10th Jan 24 2:59 pm

On Tuesday the Swedish Defence Minister has warned that they are in a “very serious situation” has told citizens to prepare for war.

Commander-in-Chief Micael Byden also told citizens that they must mentally prepare for conflict with Russia and as a result Sweden are now on high alert as they are preparing for joining NATO this year.

The Russian Senator Pushkov, chairman of the information committee of the Senate, hit back at Sweden’s warning of a potential war with Russia, he described it as “anti-Russian paranoia.”

Vladimir Putin also echoed Pushkov’s response saying Sweden is a leading country within Europe that are anti-Russian.

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Putin wrote on Telegram, “Sweden is one of the first countries in Europe in terms of the level of anti-Russian paranoia.

“Russian submarines have been fishing there for many years, and for some, this has become the main occupation in life.”

Pushkov said that Sweden’s Civil Defence Minister, Carl-Oskar Bohlin, warnings for war are “nonsense,” which is a very similar response Moscow made against Kyiv and the West before Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Pushkov added, “Apparently, this is how they try to give Sweden a geopolitical importance that it does not have.

“Sometimes it seems that some Swedish military personnel, as well as journalists, are almost dreaming of war.”

Pushkov added, “Apparently, they can’t calm down since the defeat at Poltava,” making reference to the Great Northern War which saw Sweden’s defeat in Poltava in 1709.

Civil Defence Minister Carl-Oskar Bohlin raised concerns over the country’s lack of modernising the civil defence system, and he has called on all areas of society for rapid action.

Bohlin warned, “Many have said it before me, but let me say it with the force of my office – there could be a war in Sweden.”

Sweden’s Commander-in-Chief said, “This is a very serious situation, and the clarity yesterday was unmistakable. It is now about moving from words and understanding to action.”

He added, “Hope is not a strategy on which to build plans, but hope must be there. It’s not all doom and gloom.”

He continued, “Look at the news from Ukraine and ask yourself the simple questions: If this happens here, am I prepared? What should I do?

“The more people who have thought, considered and prepared, the stronger our society will be.”

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