Home Business News Russia threatens to shoot down NATO planes over the Black Sea which would trigger Article 5

Russia threatens to shoot down NATO planes over the Black Sea which would trigger Article 5

22nd Feb 24 11:08 am

Russia are threatening to shoot down NATO aircraft over the Black Sea which would instantly trigger Article 5.

Russia are acting as they did during the Cold War and by threatening NATO planes over the Black Sea could be seen as a sign that Vladimir Putin’s forces are in “difficulty on the battlefield in Ukraine.”

French Minister of the Armed Forces Sébastien Lecornu, told RTL, “Russia’s behavior in 2024 is no longer at all the same as what we experienced in 2022.

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“This can be explained by the fact that Russia is in difficulty on the battlefield in Ukraine.

“You have Russian takeover attempts. A month ago, a Russian air control system threatened to shoot down French planes in the Black Sea.

“It’s as old as the Cold War, we have the return of Russian positioning particularly aggressive. Russia plays with thresholds of aggressiveness.”

Lecornu added that Putin could interfere with European elections in 2024 and Russia could be “injecting false content” or even “attempting to approach candidates.”

The British Foreign Secretary Lord David Cameron has warned that there is “no more serious issues for the world” than Putin’s war Ukraine.

Cameron was with a host of Foreign Ministers, including Russia’s Sergey Lavrov, at the summit in Rio on Wednesday.

Lord Cameron said, “What I said to Foreign Ministers at the G20 meeting was just very clear and plain, which is that there is no more serious an issue for the world – and it’s the world that’s gathered here – than one country invading another in this completely illegal and unacceptable way.”

“The whole world should get behind Ukraine… and call out the illegality of what Putin and his cronies have done,” he added.

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