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Manage your daily transactions with MuchBetter

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22nd Jun 22 3:02 pm

Payment security is important to us regardless of where we shop, and we’re continuously searching for new ways to make sure our transactions are safe. In the past decade the digital world has shifted and become more accessible, and we have understood if anything about our purchase behaviour, it’s that our lifestyles are now becoming progressively online focused. Global blockades acted as an organic incentive for more individuals to order online, resulting in the emergence of digital payments.

What is the definition of a digital transaction

Any transaction that occurs from start to finish without the use of cash or paper is referred to as a transaction. It could represent a single person or numerous parties, as well as several payment options. Fintech businesses have changed the way people conduct financial transactions today, making cash more unnecessary.

The introduction of e-wallets and mobile payments, internet financial solutions on our smart devices that enable us to perform digital transactions, whether it’s purchasing anything on the internet or using a smartphone to pay in-store, is one of our gen’s greatest substantial economic triumphs. Consumers can also transfer funds straight into an e-wallet without having a bank account.

Benefits of electronic transactions

Anyone who has utilised MuchBetter’s services knows the benefits of digital transactions. Mobile transactions are quick and easy. When you pay in cash, the money must be calculated and saved, and the difference must be given back to the consumer. Physically guarding and transporting the money drop to the bank is required. Digital transactions, on the other hand, are speedier. They also make life simple to accept foreign payment transactions, incorporating lower-cost quick currency conversion.

People who are members of MuchBetter receive all the benefits of having a bank account without having a bank account, plus an intuitive and simple user interaction, high security features, no fees, and compatibility with a variety of digital transaction systems that make everyday transactions more convenient, safe, and straightforward than it has ever been.

They’re also more protected. Petty criminals are deterred by cashless establishments since they do not retain money. Secure banking systems can monitor your daily transactions, making it much easier for security professionals to spot illicit practices.

Start managing your daily transactions today with the MuchBetter app! Download to your smartphone, create an account and there off you go.

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