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Lockdown lifting should be ‘cautious, but irreversible’ Boris says

15th Feb 21 11:55 am

The Prime Minster has said that the easing of the lockdown must be “cautious, but irreversible” as Boris Johnson is preparing his “roadmap” for 22 February.

Johnson said during a visit to Orpington Health and Wellbeing Centre, London that as yet no decisions have been made over the details.

Johnson said, “We will do everything we can to make that happen but we’ve got to keep looking at the data, we’ve got to keep looking at the rates of infections, don’t forget they’re still very high, still 23,000 or so Covid patients in the NHS, more than in the April peak last year, still sadly too many people dying of this disease, rates of infections, although they’re coming down, are still comparatively high.

“So we’ve got to be very prudent and what we wanted to see is progress that is cautious but irreversible and I think that’s what the public and people up and down the country will want to see.”

The Prime Minister pointed out that the end of lockdown is only dependent on rates declining, and his roadmap will signify the earliest day a restrictions can be eased.

He said, “If, because of the rate of infection, we have to push something off a little bit to the right, to lay it for a little bit, we won’t hesitate to do that.

“I think people would much rather see a plan that was cautious but irreversible and one that proceeds sensibly in accordance with where we are with the disease.”

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