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Lockdown easing will be ‘very limited’ says Boris Johnson

7th May 20 2:53 pm

The Cabinet have been told on Thursday by Boris Johnson that he will “exercise maximum caution” when he starts to ease the lockdown.

He said that he reinstate the tight lockdown measures at any time if there is a spike in coronavirus cases after the easing.

The Prime Minister made it quite clear that any easement over the lockdown restrictions are to be very limited, and the government will not “do anything that risks a second peak.”

Nearly all the restrictions will remain and will be reconfirmed in three weeks-time.

“The Prime Minister said he is considering whether there can be any easement of existing guidelines,” said his spokesman.

“We are not going to do anything that risks a second peak. We will advance with maximum caution.”

The Prime Minister’s spokesman told journalists, “Any easement next week will be very limited.

“We are at a critical moment in the fight against the virus. We will not do anything that risks throwing away the sacrifice and effort of the British people.”

Johnson will announce his “roadmap” out of the lockdown in an address to the nation on Sunday, followed by a statement on Monday to the Commons.

Downing Street insisted, “We are not prepared to do anything with gambles away the sacrifices of the British public, that risks a second spike or risks a further shock to the economy by easing the measures too soon and having to impose them again.”

But, news of the plan to ease restrictions has provoked fury among his critics as Piers Morgan accused Johnson of being “staggeringly reckless.”

Piers tweeted, “Govt briefing the media about how Monday’s going to be some kind of Virus-Day liberation is staggeringly reckless.

“We’re no nearer beating COVID-19 now than we were pre-lockdown: no vaccine, no treatment, no 100 percent antibody test, no proof of immunity.

“This is 1918 all over again.”

The outspoken Good Morning Britain host, who recently tested negative for coronavirus, warned “we’re no nearer to beating COVID-19”.

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said on Thursday that the lockdown “must be extended,” as easing lockdown restrictions will be “very, very risky.”

Sturgeon said she would prefer the rest of the UK does the same, but the British Prime Minister wants to slightly ease the lockdown measures in England.

Sturgeon said she will “not be pressured into lifting restrictions prematurely before I am as certain as I can be that we will not be risking a resurgence.

“If the prime minister decides that he wants to move at a faster pace for England than I consider is right for Scotland that is of course his right.

“I will respect that and I will not criticise him for doing that.”

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