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Labour represent “no plan, no clue, no Brexit”, declares May

by LLB Reporter
12th Dec 18 12:42 pm

In the PMQs today, opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn attacks the “totally and absolutely unacceptable” actions of PM Theresa May over the meaningful vote on her Brexit deal.

He says: “The government tried to unilaterally pull that and deny this House the chance of a vote on this crucial matter

“The prime minister and her government have already been found to be in contempt of parliament, her bahaviour today is just contemptuous of this parliament and this process. The PM’s appalling behaviour needs to be held to account by this House.”

In response, the PM says Corbyn’s answer to the backstop is to “ignore the referendum and stay in the EU”.

Corbyn later demands a “constructive solution” and for MPs to get a vote on her Brexit deal.

The PM, however, hits back saying Labour are those who don’t want a “constructive solution”. “That’s what we see on the other side of the chamber: No plan, no clue, no Brexit,” she adds.

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