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Keep your doors and windows open this winter to beat the virus

by LLB Reporter
7th Oct 20 12:18 pm

The Germans are educating their population on good ventilation habits to reduce transmission rates this Winter to help reduce the chances of passing Coronavirus to each other indoors, so why this is not this catching on in the UK?

“The Germans are going big time into education about ventilation and its effects on transmission rates of the virus indoors – if you think about it this Winter, that’s the danger zone, we will be spending more time inside at home, in restaurants, in offices, and we need to wise up to simple ventilation habits today!” explains Libby Jones from Air Conditioning installer AirCon.co.uk.

The German word Stosslüften means “shock ventilation” and is basically the process of opening windows and doors to allow stale air out and fresh air in – and it is this simple process that can have a dramatic effect on the transmission rates of the virus in our homes, schools, offices and shops. Many will have seen it across Europe on holiday, where locals open all their windows in the morning to allow stale air out and fresh air in.

The German Chancellor Angel Merkel reported last week that good ventilation practices “may be one of the cheapest and most effective ways” of containing the spread of the virus. Adding weight to reports that 90% of Covid-19 patients contracted the virus indoors.

“As a country we need to get to grips with some changes in our habits as to air quality, even before Coronavirus we can stay healthier by ventilating our indoor spaces properly – especially so during Winter months” says Libby Jones from AirCon.co.uk.

AirCon.co.uk recommends these simple steps to help keep air clean in your home or workplace:

Home: Try to open doors and windows for at least 15 minutes in the morning and evening to allow all the air in your house to be exchanged for fresh

Shops: Keep the shop door open for at least 5 minutes every 20 minutes and repeat the process all day

Offices: Make sure air circulation systems are serviced and working properly, those with windows, open fully for five minutes every hour

Classrooms: Keeping a door open is the best method, failing that 5 minutes of airing per 20 minutes will help to dramatically reduce transmission

“The message is clear this Winter, stay on top of self-ventilating – the busier an area, the more frequent ventilation it should have, even if we have to wear coats inside this year!”, concludes Libby Jones from AirCon.co.uk

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