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It is in France’s interests to stop supporting the Kiev regime, claims Moscow

by LLB political Reporter
25th Jan 24 9:04 am

Sergey Mironov, chairman of the “A Just Russia – Patriots – For Truth” party and faction in the State Duma, called on France to stop sending mercenaries to Ukraine and supplying weapons to Ukrainian neo-Nazis

On Wednesday, the State Duma adopted a special appeal to the French National Assembly calling for a parliamentary investigation into the participation of citizens of the French Republic in the criminal actions of the Kiev regime.

The Russian parliament called to curb any forms of mercenary activity in Ukraine.

Mironov noted that France denies the presence of its mercenaries in Ukraine, and French laws provide for criminal punishment for mercenary activities.

“Nevertheless, the facts are clear – there were French mercenaries in Kharkov. In this regard, we ask in this appeal: is this France, with which we fought together against fascism in World War II? Is this France the heiress of the remarkable national leader, General de Gaulle?

“Is this France, which contributed to the international detente just a few decades ago with both the Soviet Union and then Russia? Or is it France, which believes that such “national heroes” as fascists Shukhevych and Bandera are the norm?

We are aware that the French National Assembly is not monolithic, and there are healthy forces there. There are people who understand the real national interests of France and who are ready to defend them. I think that we will try to reach these healthy forces with our appeal. It is in the interests of France to stop supporting the Kiev regime in Ukraine”.

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