Home Business News Russian intelligence service has already armed ‘Hamas with weapons made in the US and EU’ to kill Israelis

Russian intelligence service has already armed ‘Hamas with weapons made in the US and EU’ to kill Israelis

by Mark Channer War Correspondent
9th Oct 23 1:46 pm

Russian intelligence service is believed to have already armed Hamas “with weapons made in the United Stated and the EU” to be used against the Israelis.

The Main Intelligence Agency of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine said on Monday that by using Western made weaponry against Israeli forces and civilians this will be an attempt to discredit Kyiv.

Ukrainian intelligence said on Monday, “The Russian intelligence service has already transferred to HAMAS terrorists captured weapons made in the United States and EU countries captured during the fighting in Ukraine.

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“The next step, according to the Russians’ plan, should be fake accusations of the Ukrainian military of selling Western weapons to terrorists on a regular basis.”

Ukraine’s Defence Ministry added, “As part of Vladimir Putin’s disinformation campaign, the fake accusations must form the basis for a number of “revelatory publications” and “investigations” in the Western media.

“For credibility, the Russian special services intend to use the relevant comments of the traitor from the Ukrainian Border Guard Service, senior lieutenant Ruslan Syrovoy, who recently fled to Moscow.

“Another provocation of the enemy is aimed at discrediting the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the complete cessation of military assistance to our state from Western partners.”

In the southern port city of Sderot Ukrainian diplomats rescued an injured Ukrainian boy following intelligence of the death of two of their nationals near to Gaza.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry’s Spokesman Oleh Nikolenko said, “Ukrainian diplomats carried out a successful rescue operation – they took a Ukrainian boy who was injured during a militant attack from the city of Sderot. He is now safely in the care of the embassy.

“He received medical and psychological assistance. We managed to find five citizens who were considered missing in the south of Israel.”

Diplomats had also received information over the possible death of a Ukrainian in the Gaza Strip. “We are waiting for official confirmation,” Nikolenko said.

He said the Diplomatic Office in Ramallah maintains in constant contact with the Ukrainian community, with evacuation routes being developed.

Over the past 24 hours, the operational headquarters of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry processed more than 200 requests from citizens.

“We are recording massive cancellations of flights. We are looking for a solution to help our people leave the country,” the Foreign Ministry added.

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