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UK sends two further Royal Naval warships to the Mediterranean as ‘operations must centre on Hamas’

by LLB political Reporter
16th Oct 23 3:27 pm

The UK has ordered two further Royal Navy warships to eastern Mediterranean as tensions in the Middle East grow amid the escalating Israel-Hamas conflict.

The British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak ordered for the two warships to be sent from Gibraltar to support regional stability and will be on standby for Israel for “everything they need.”

The Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessels, RFA Argus and RFA Lyme Bay which is 177 metre long and weighs 16,160 tonnes it “capable of delivering a significant fighting force anywhere in the world,” the Royal Navy said.

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RFA Angus weighs 28,081 tonnes which is 175 metres long and has a 100 bed medical complex which is basically a floating state of the art hospital.

Last week the Prime Minister sent surveillance aircraft to the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has not ruled out sending further assistance for Israel and he said that the UK will provide “absolutely everything they need” for Israel’s “defence in their hour of need.”

Hunt was asked about possible breaches of international law, he added, “The point is the clear difference from statements coming from Israel, saying that they respect and will abide by international humanitarian law, and Hamas on the other hand, who are specifically targeting civilians.”

Sunak said on Monday Israel’s operations must centre on Hamas during a visit to a Jewish school in North London, he told reporters, “Israel has been very clear that Hamas is the entity that’s responsible for this and what they want to do is ensure that their people are safe and that this doesn’t happen again, and that the focus of the attention of self-defence is on Hamas.

“And I think that’s right, nobody wants to see regional escalation.

“And certainly the Israeli prime minister does not, when I’ve spoken to him.”

The Prime Minister added, “That’s something that we can help with.

“We’ve already sent surveillance aircraft to the eastern Mediterranean last week, they will be able to, as I said, make sure that no arm shipments, for example, have been sent to other terrorist organisations in the region.

“That’s a practical step that we can take to help ensure that this remains contained to dealing with Hamas and does not spread more broadly in the region.”

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