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Iran blames US for strike which killed Iranian general and ‘Israeli’s overseas could be targeted’

2nd Apr 24 1:58 pm

Tensions in the Middle East have risen to new highs on Tuesday as Tehran have accused the US for being “responsible” for the strike that killed an Iranian general as the consulate building in Damascus, Syria.

The Israeli strike on the Iranian consulate killed general Ali Reza Zahdi who is also the former leader of the so-called elite Quds Force in Lebanon and Syria.

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian has insisted that Washington is responsible for the strike and the US must be held accountable.

Writing on X Abdollahian said, “The director of the US Department in Iranian Foreign Ministry summoned the Chargé d’affaires at the Swiss Embassy whose country represents US interests in Tehran.

“During the meeting, the dimensions of this terrorist attack and the Zionist crime were clarified and the responsibility of the US administration was emphasised.

He added, “An important message was sent to the US government, as a supporter of the Zionist entity and the US must bear this responsibility.”

Bill Roggio, managing editor of Long War Journal, told Fox News Digital, “Given the target and location of the strike at a building adjacent to the consulate, I expect the Iranians to respond.

“It is difficult to say how the Iranians respond. The Iranians may try to target Israelis overseas, and may also leverage its militias, Hezbollah, the Houthis, and the Iraqi and Syria militias, to strike at targets within Israel.”

A US National Security Council spokesperson said America “had no involvement in the strike and we did not know about it ahead of time.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine said, “The Zionist entity is intent on dragging the region into significant escalation.

They warned that the Isareli attack will only “plunge its citizens into a bloodbath and disasters they cannot bear.”

Sardar Mohammad Reza Zahedi, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said, “We will make them regret this crime and others like it, by God’s will. The evil regime will be punished by the hands of our brave men.”

An Israeli government spokesman Avi Hyman told Sky News the building hit in Damascus was not a consulate.

Hyman told Sky News, “The building hit was not a consulate, it was not an embassy, not a diplomatic mission, and I dare say that the Iranian individuals in that building were likely not there to distribute Easter eggs.”

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