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In pictures: The new Apple iPad and its fans

by LLB Editor
16th Mar 12 1:27 pm

The Apple mania was at its peak as swathes of die-hard iPad fans queued in front of the Apple stores in London today, all eager to get their hands on the much-awaited third version of the iPad

A man with a bulk of the new iPads

So what’s so special about the new iPad that more than 400 people didn’t mind waiting for hours outside Apple’s Covent Garden and Regent Street stores?

For a start, the new iPad is called just “the new iPad” and not “iPad 3” or “iPad HD”. Priced between £399 to £659, it comes with a faster processor, a crisper display (which Apple claims is “the highest resolution display ever on a mobile device”), and an improved camera.

The USP of the new iPad, however, is the voice dictation feature which allows user to dictate to their computer instead of typing.

We caught up with a few iFans:

Melissa R Bew, outside Apple store, Regent Street

Melissa Bew kissing her new iPad

“I couldn’t sleep all night, the excitement of owning the iPad 3 was killing me. So happy to finally have it in my hands, I can finally get some sleep.”

Hasan, outside Apple store, Covent Garden

Hasan showing off his new iPad

“I am so thrilled to own the iPad 3, cant wait to open it and show it off to my friends.”

Anthony Sigalas, outside Apple store, Covent Garden

Anthony Sigalas outside Apple Store

“I have been an Apple fan for as long as I can rememeber so if there’s a new Apple product out on the market, I have to own it, and afterall, the new iPad is undoubtedly the product of the year!”

Rahul Joshi, outside Apple store, Oxford Street

Rahul Joshi with new iPad

“I’ve bought the new iPad as a birthday gift for my brother, he’s not expecting it at all. I am really looking forward to seeing him jump around the room after I give this to him.”


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