Home Business News Hungary warns there is a ‘real danger of World War Three’ as peacekeeping troops could be sent to Ukraine

Hungary warns there is a ‘real danger of World War Three’ as peacekeeping troops could be sent to Ukraine

by LLB political Reporter
31st Mar 23 5:10 pm

The Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has warned on Friday that there is a “real danger” the war in Ukraine will become World War Three.

Orban said the fact the West keeps supplying Ukraine with sophisticated high-tech weapons this will push Moscow to the brink as Russia are saying this weaponry is being used in the mainland and threatens their existence.

Orban warned, “I am convinced that the threat of world war is not a literary exaggeration.”

He added, “When European and American leaders say that if this continues, we may end up in World War Three, it sounds unbelievable and exaggerated at first, but where I work and where I see the events, this is a real danger at this moment.”

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Orban was quoted as saying today that European leaders are close to making a decision on whether or not they can send peacekeeping troops into Ukraine.

The Hungarian Prime Minister was quote as saying on Friday by Mandiner, “The war is getting more and more brutal and bloody.

“The war is worrying and dangerous for the Hungarian people. Our security is in danger.”

Orban said in January that the West have “drifted” into becoming active participants by proving billions of dollars in weaponry and helping to finance Ukraine and insisted that leaders should pursue a “ceasefire and peace talks.”

Today the Hungarian PM said, that Western leaders “need to present arguments so that the warring parties see that a ceasefire is in the interests of both.”

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