Home Business News Putin to conscript 150,000 troops to the frontlines as thousands have been killed in Bakhmut in a ‘slaughter fest’

Putin to conscript 150,000 troops to the frontlines as thousands have been killed in Bakhmut in a ‘slaughter fest’

31st Mar 23 12:22 pm

Vladimir Putin has signed a decree ordering to conscript 150,000 troops to be sent to the frontlines in Ukraine after months of brutal World War One style of “human wave attacks.”

Russia has lost more than 220,000 troops and Wagner mercenaries who have either been killed in action or seriously injured since the war started.

The British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace told Sky News, “The Russian forces have some really significant and deep systemic problems at the moment in their efforts.”

US joint chief of staff General Mark Milley said that Russian troops are victim to a “slaughter fest” in Bakhmut and Putin’s soldiers are being hammered and that “Ukrainians had fought very very well.”

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He added, The US official said: “It’s a slaughter-fest for the Russians. They’re getting hammered in the vicinity of Bakhmut and the Ukrainians have fought very very well.

“The Ukrainians are doing a very effective area defence that is proving to be very costly to the Russians.”

Putin wants to conscript the troops between 1 April and 15 July and according to the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), “Putin is unlikely to risk his regime’s stability by deploying newly conscripted servicemen to the frontlines.”

Ian Stubbs, a UK military advisor told the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe on Wednesday, “The astounding levels of incompetence in Russia‘s military leadership that have eroded Russia‘s military reputation are clear for all to see.”

He added, “Reports suggest that the Russian military and Wagner Group urgently need to replenish personnel and munition stock.”

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