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Finland who share a 832 mile border with Russia will join NATO ‘within days’

by LLB political Reporter
31st Mar 23 11:58 am

Finland will join NATO “within days” and were given the go ahead after Turkey ratified the Nordic country membership on Thursday evening.

This mean that all NATO members have voted unanimously to allow Finland to join the alliance.

Jens Stoltenberg, NATO’s secretary general, said on Friday, “All 30 NATO allies have now ratified the accession protocol.”

Stoltenberg added that Finland will now “formally join our alliance in the coming days.”

Sweden are also seeking to join NATO and hope to complete their application this year amid the war in Ukraine.

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Stockholm and Finland have been neutral for decades but following the invasion of Ukraine the Nordic countries have been concerned over their own security.

In a statement the Russian ambassador warned in a statement, joining NATO will make the two Nordic countries “a legitimate target for Russian retaliatory measures, including those of a military.

Moscow has warned that if Sweden joins NATO they will be a “legitimate target for Russian retaliatory measures.”

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Finland and Sweden “should not base their security on damaging the security of other countries.”

The Russian spokeswoman added, “Their accession to NATO can have detrimental consequences and face some military and political consequences.”

Russia’s Foreign Ministry reiterated the grave threat on Twitter, she said, “We regard the Finnish government’s commitment to a military non-alignment policy as an important factor in ensuring security and stability in northern Europe.”

Last year Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergei Ryabkov, said, “We condemn the irresponsible course of the North Atlantic Alliance that is ruining the European architecture, or what’s left of it.”

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