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How to pass your real estate exam on the first try

by John Saunders
28th Mar 22 11:34 am

Taking the real estate licensing exam can be intimidating, and you don’t want to fail or pay to retake it.

Fortunately, there are proven online real estate courses and tips that can increase your chances of passing the exam on the first try.

Take real estate practice tests

One of the best ways to pass the real estate licensing exam is to answer questions that are just like what is on the test. Most states have real estate practice tests available online that you can take. Sometimes there are dozens available.

The more you take practice tests that simulate what the real tests are like in your state, the more likely you will pass the real test.

The best way to use practice tests is to treat them like the real deal. This means turning off your phone, shutting off the tv, and timing yourself just like on test day.

Practice the math

No matter where you take your test, there will be questions that deal real estate math. Unfortunately, some test takers are scared of math because they weren’t good at it in school.

Many say real estate math problems are their biggest weakness. The good thing is you can practice real estate math before the test so you can turn it into a strength!

There also are real estate math practice tests available in most states. When you take your in-person or online real estate agent class, ask if the teacher can direct you to real estate math practice tests.

Talk to an agent for help

If you are studying for the exam and you want some extra help, feel free to reach out to a current real estate agent to find out if they have any advice. They may have some practice tests or real estate study guides they can offer.

And you never know if that agent contact could turn into a great networking connection to help your business in the future.

Tips for test day

So you have studied the real estate books and taken countless real estate practice exams, and you are ready to take your test. But first, make sure you get plenty of rest the night before. And don’t spend the night cramming for the test or you’ll be too tired to perform at your best.

Here are some helpful test-taking tips so you can score as high as possible:

  • Answer the easiest questions first: Go through the test and answer the questions you know the answer to right away. This gives you some confidence as you go into the more challenging parts of the test.
  • Look at the answers: As you take the test, look at the answers for each question first. Then, look for real estate terms and keywords you are familiar with.
  • Don’t select an answer you are unfamiliar with. If you have studied adequately, you should be familiar with most of the correct answers.
  • Work backward. This means eliminating answers that you know are wrong. You can probably stop at least one or two responses from the four or five listed if you studied a lot.
  • Don’t change your answer: You should stick with it once you answer the question, even if you are not sure. It’s been proven that people are more likely to change a correct answer to an incorrect one.
  • Don’t worry about other test-takers. You have plenty of time to complete the exam, and don’t worry if others finish faster. Finishing the exam quickly doesn’t mean they did any better than you did.

Remember these test-taking and studying tips, and you’ll almost certainly pass your exam on the first try.

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