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How to bet on sports with cryptocurrencies

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13th Sep 22 1:01 pm

Sports betting firms are usually some of the most forward-thinking businesses. They are constantly looking to attract more customers and are quick to adopt any new practice that will enhance their business. That’s why cryptocurrency betting has become so popular.

If you do your research, such as reading a GTBets sportsbook review, you will see that a major selling point of any online betting site is that it accepts digital currencies as a payment method. But you may not know too much about crypto, or betting. If that’s the case, read on to find out about this exciting new opportunity.

Starting off

There have been a lot of people attracted to cryptocurrency in recent years, as investment has surged. But what you might not know is that digital currencies can be used for just about any transaction – and that includes sports betting. You will need to register for an account and open a cryptocurrency wallet.

You will then need to buy some crypto. This can be done online at a number of places. But you should ensure that the sportsbook you are going to sign up with accepts cryptocurrency. Then you deposit your chosen amount in your sportsbook customer account – and start betting.

The advantages of betting with crypto

Many of the advantages of betting with cryptocurrency are the same as for using it for any other transaction. The blockchain technology involved with these digital transactions enhances security. This can be very important for some betting customers worried about moving large amounts of money online.

The privacy and anonymity of cryptocurrencies are also very important to some customers – especially if they are in a location where betting is either not allowed, or frowned upon. The speed of transactions is also a huge advantage when you are betting on live events.

Be wary of disadvantages

Anyone looking to get involved with cryptocurrencies for any kind of transaction should also be aware of possible disadvantages as well though. The anonymity that some people may consider a positive also means that identities remain unknown. This could be a problem if there is some kind of issue with a bet.

There is also the fact that deregulated currency makes crypto inherently more volatile. Exchange rates can change much quicker than with fiat currencies – meaning that although there is the potential for big winnings, the value of those winnings could also change dramatically.

How to choose a crypto betting site

When it comes to choosing a betting site the main factor here is that it accepts the digital currency that you are investing in and wishing to use. From there you should really decide on a sportsbook on purely betting aspects. Make sure that the site offers a wide range of markets and attractive odds.

You should take into consideration the promotions and offers for customer account holders. You may even find that some sportsbooks offer crypto-specific bonuses. There will always be terms and conditions attached to any kind of promotion – but this can be a great way to start off your relationship with a betting site.

The future of crypto betting

While we would advise anyone interested in betting with crypto to do their research and fully understand the processes, it is clear that cryptocurrencies are only going to get more popular. They have already moved into the mainstream and betting is just one area that now accepts these payments.

The question of unregulated financial transactions might be a concern to some people. But there is a chance that there might be more control in the future – offering greater reassurance to users. With greater usage, crypto will soon become one of the more popular payment methods.


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