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How the memorial diamond industry is slowly taking over the traditional burial industry in the UK

by LLB Reporter
4th Jan 18 10:45 am

Turning ashes into diamonds

When you lose a loved one, the pain is often so great that you don’t stop to think about what it is you are doing when you plan their funeral and burial. The only thing you are doing is missing that person so much that you are likely to make a few errors in judgment.

Memorial diamonds: a new and less expensive way to commemorate your beloved ones

When you look at current costs involved in a funeral, they can quickly add up to a cost greater than £7,000 which includes only the most basic of memorial services and a small burial plot, perhaps with a tiny headstone. If you are adding a reception and any other extras which you feel important to send your beloved off in style, that figure can easily grow by 50 percent more.

The cost of an average funeral in the UK is just one thing you hadn’t counted on and certainly, more than you can afford in most cases. Much of this is why the memorial diamond business is taking over the traditional burial industry in the UK.

Burials today cost a small fortune. The cost of memorial diamond can be so much less than that. For example, a 4mm 0.25 carat memorial diamond can range anywhere from £1,400 to £2,200, depending on the colour selected. Diamonds can be made up to 1 carat, however, but the size diamond you opt for is typically dependent on more than just budget. The amount of cremation ashes and hair also enter into the equation.

While a full carat memorial diamond can cost more than £7,000, it is something of exquisite quality that you can keep with you at all times. In a proper setting, your loved one will be memorialised like the gem they were in your life, whether you choose to have your diamond set in a ring, a pendant or any other piece of jewellery, you will be keeping your loved one close to your heart every hour of every day.

Turning ashes into a stunning diamond – a meaningful way to say goodbye

Now you have an amazingly beautiful diamond in your choice of five different colours and at a cost far less than your average burial. If you are curious about the difference between a natural diamond and a memorial diamond, the difference is going to be totally unrecognisable to the human eye. In fact, even a gemologist will not be able to find differences without undergoing specialised tests and even then, a memorial diamond still has very minute differences and none in appearance.

Memorial diamonds company like the Switzerland-based LONITE make diamonds from ashes in a laboratory which simulates the way in which diamonds grow naturally underground. The difference is the time involved in the making and the cost involved in mining natural diamonds. Diamonds are formed from organic matter (carbon) under a huge amount of heat and pressure within the earth’s mantle and it is believed that they are then shot up closer to the service through volcanic eruptions many thousands of years ago.

Under very controlled processes within a laboratory, cremated ashes and hair from your loved one are subjected to temperatures and pressure and spun in a manner during this process so that the earth’s rotations is also duplicated. There is no finer way to memorialise and honour your loved one who has left this plane of existence.


Ashes into diamonds – for a greener commemoration

Some families are also concerned with the amount of damage we are doing to the environment and that is truly a huge concern. Not only is burial land quite limited in the UK, the amount of greenhouse gases released is beyond what anyone can imagine.

Did you know that a cremation puts at least 160 kg of CO2 in the atmosphere while a traditional burial also accounts for 39 kg of greenhouse gases? At this point, you may be thinking that a burial is less harmful to this earth we live on, but you couldn’t be further from the truth. Now imagine all the toxins from a decomposing body, the embalming fluids, and any heavy metals used in preparing the body to be buried.

Those will all leech into the water system below grounds, making their way into our drinking water. When a memorial diamond is made from cremated ashes in a tightly controlled Swiss laboratory, those greenhouse gases are far less and there are no toxins filtering down into the ground.

Some families choose to memorialise their loved ones with memorial trees or by having a military-style funeral with cremated ashes being placed in Eternal Reefs, but those do not offer the kind of solace a memorial diamond offers.

With a diamond made through methods patterned after naturally growing gems, families have a high-quality diamond to keep their loved one close today and every day in the future. What a wonderful way to memorialise a person you love so much.

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