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How Intis Telecom makes the internet better: The launch of .IT.COM – the new domain zone

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20th Dec 21 3:23 pm

Intis Telecom  is an international telecommunication company that is actively developing nowadays. Among its most recent projects is the launch of IT.COM as a completely new domain zone for the World Wide Web.

The Internet is a perfect environment to establish for all kinds of ventures – B2C, B2B, entertainment or even a non-profit organization. A well-chosen domain name is a vital ingredient in  any successful online business venture. It has to be meaningful, brief, and easy to remember. Also, preferably, located in the .com general (g)TLD as this is the most used and common domain zone.

But what  do you do  when most (if not all), of the attractive domain names have already been taken?

Instead of registering hard to remember, long, polysyllabic names – often using hyphens within the .com zone or experimenting with exotic domains,  IT.COM  suggests you give its exclusive domain registrar https://get.it.com  a try since its launch on November 1st, 2021.

Features of the new domain zone

The significant benefit is that IT.COM still belongs to .com gTLD so you won’t lose any traffic.  That situation can arise when a website has a different, not .com, address and visitors misuse URLs of the website simply writing it with .com at the end of the URL as they were used to doing it.

The major advantage of trying IT.COM out is quite simply that it is practically untouched so the set of names to choose from is practically only limited by your creativity. If you treat the “it” in IT.COM as a preposition, putting a host of verbs before it can throw up huge numbers of very interesting website names. Using an IT.COM domain zone for Italian visitors or “Information Technology” related websites are less obvious ideas to get a good catchy name but still worth trying.

Summing up, the IT.COM zone provides you with an incredible opportunity to set your brand apart and THE perfect chance to start off a new business venture on the back of a truly wonderful domain name sourced from IT.COM.

About the company

Intis Telecom is an international telecoms company that specialises in Business Messaging via the cloud, utilizing digital channels such as SMS, Viber and WhatsApp to deliver clients’ content rapidly and accurately globally. Intis is truly international having offices in the UK, US, Hong Kong and Russia, with representation also across Germany, Israel and Lithuania.

In 2020 we launched Cli.co – the link shortening service with extended free functionality that was showcased at Mobile World Congress.

IT.COM and IT.UK are the projects that we know will open the door to a world of opportunities for customers both old and new, delivering up a practically unlimited set of meaningful domain names that can truly boosts the brand presence of those who invest in them.

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