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How does the menu QR code evolve throughout the COVID-19 pandemic era?

by John Saunders
18th Nov 21 2:28 pm

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses, especially restaurants and bars, have been forced to recreate their operations strategy to minimise the physical interaction of staff and customers. 

And with that goal, many bars and restaurants have now implemented various contactless operating means like the encouragement of drive-thru services and ghost kitchens for diners to only need to pick up the food they order ahead. 

While they revamp their restaurant and bar operations, technology has enabled them to work smarter throughout the global health crisis. 

Through their use of technology, menu QR codes have become a popular offline to online tech tool that many restaurants, big or small, employ to order ahead from pick up seamlessly. 

As the scan and unlock information era is strengthened through QR codes, this nifty QR code type has come a long way since its introduction to the contactless dining drive. 

Thanks to the availability of a QR code generator with logo online, the swift evolution of menu QR codes for restaurants and bars has been progressive. It is keeping up with the demand to provide a better menu browsing experience for customers. 

But before we dive into its quick evolution, let us first learn what a menu QR code is and why they are one of the most used types of QR codes today. 

What is a menu QR code?

A menu QR code is a type of QR code that enables restaurant and bar owners to convert a digital copy of their menu into a smartphone-readable barcode. 

As a digital menu can be saved as an image or a document file and be uploaded through an online cloud storage provider, restaurateurs can convert their digital menu into a QR code using its URL to QR code conversion means and generate it as a static QR code.

But as easy it is to be created as a static QR code, restaurateurs are missing out on other essential business advantages that they can get through, generating them as a dynamic one. Because of that, many tech-savvy restaurateurs prefer to develop their QR code as a dynamic one and unlock other useful advanced features that they integrate with their restaurant. 

Today, you can find restaurants using the menu QR code in their operations and easily integrate them with their restaurant theme. 

How far does the menu QR code evolve today?

First used and introduced by the CDC and WHO, QR codes started their pandemic popularity in early March 2020. Many restaurants and bars still don’t have a definitive plan to pandemic proof their operations during that time. As a result, many businesses are forced to close their operations temporarily until they find a better solution to the crisis. 

Since then, many tech-savvy restaurateurs have been eyeing their pandemic-proofing means with QR codes. And with their trial of it, many of the restaurants reopened in July 2020 and redeemed the aversions they faced during the crisis. 

Through this period, the improvements made by this multi-functional yet straightforward piece of tech continue to grow and is making its service satisfying for both the user and its customers. 

From converting files to QR, menu QR codes are one of the best solutions that many restaurants and bars are satisfied with and minimise the cost and waste they produce from disposable ones. 

But as the demand for providing an interactive menu for customers rises with the new generation of diners, QR code developers are now stepping up the solutions they can deliver by allowing restaurant and bar owners to build their menu system and create a time-specific menu convert them into a QR code. 

Many restaurants are now modernising their operations throughout these changes without learning more about the tech complexities to face and rely on solutions that QR codes provide with just a scan from one and seamlessly bridge people from offline to online ordering means. 


As society is slowly embracing the technological change that digitalisation and the COVID-19 pandemic made today, the habit of scanning QR codes as part of the smartphone functions strengthens among people worldwide. 

And as they have become a habit for most people, we indeed have to thank restaurants and bars for introducing menu QR codes to many of us. Because of the revolutionary features it gives, and the availability of a QR code generator with logo online, a future where accessing information is made easy is now just a scan away.

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