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How business owners can ease their stress levels this winter

by Sarah Dunsby
23rd Oct 23 10:42 am

For entrepreneurs, the winter months often bring added personal and business stressors. Shorter days, challenging weather, seasonal slowdowns, and holidays can strain mental health and ratchet up anxiety. But by being proactive, business owners can take steps to minimise stress this winter.

Adjust expectations around this time of year

Accept that workflows often naturally decrease during the winter months depending on your industry. Rather than fighting it, plan ahead by forecasting winter slowdowns so you don’t see reduced business as a surprise shortcoming. Set realistic goals and revenue targets accordingly. Make contingency plans you can roll out if needed.

Don’t forget about tax credits to help with your budgeting

Managing cash flow carefully is especially important during slower months. Be sure to investigate tax credits like the Research and Development Tax Credit, which lets your business deduct qualifying expenditures from taxable profits. The Employment Allowance reduces employer NICs on staff up to £5,000. Plan for credits to ease winter cash crunches. HMRC UK R&D tax credits can make a huge difference at a time when a lot of companies are worried about planning their next big moves. Talk to the expert team at Buzzacott about whether you’re eligible and how to apply.

Take time off to recharge

As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to feel guilty taking time away from your business. However, holidays and periodic days off are crucial to avoid burnout. Disconnect completely and trust your team can manage short periods without you. The renewed creativity and motivation upon returning far outweigh missed emails. Prioritise self-care breaks.

Don’t neglect moving your body

Lack of sunlight and cold weather can make it tempting to forego exercise in the winter. However, consistent physical activity is essential for energy, strength, and mood. Schedule time to sweat each day, even if just 15-20 minutes indoors. Stay active to reduce seasonal blues.

Eat nutritious, energy-boosting foods

Comfort foods often abound in wintertime. But consumption of excess carbs and sugar can lead to energy crashes. Nourish yourself with proteins, fruits/veg and healthy fats to maintain stable blood sugar and sustained energy when you need it most as a business leader.

Connect with fellow entrepreneurs

The isolation and loneliness of leadership can heighten during the holidays. Ensure you have peer entrepreneur connections to exchange ideas, struggles and wins with occasionally. Video calls over coffee or lunch provide the community. Fellow founders understand the unique pressure you face.

Create a cosy, inspiring home workspace

Working from a dreary, dark home office daily can be draining when sunlight is limited. Seasonal affective disorder has a massive impact on a lot of us. Invest in lamps, soft lighting and decorative items that make your workspace feel uplifting even on dark days. Surround yourself with creature comforts that enhance mood and motivation.

Plan fun activities in advance

When every week feels busy, fun is often forgotten. But some winter enjoyment is vital for mental health. Schedule concert tickets, dinner dates, short trips, and fun activities well in advance so you have events to look forward to. Give your brain productive distractions from work.

By taking proactive physical, mental, and operational measures, entrepreneurs can minimise the unique stresses winter brings. Don’t write off the winter months entirely. With some adjustments, self-care focus, and appropriate expectations, your business can thrive this coming winter.


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