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Hiring the best theft defence lawyer: Five tips to consider

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2nd Nov 21 9:02 am

Were you recently charged with theft? The charge is no joke, which is why you’re looking for a lawyer. The best tips to help you find an excellent defence attorney are discussed below. Read ahead.

Contact a lawyer you know

It would be ideal to hire a defence attorney that you or a loved one knows. He would already be familiar with you, so he would help build the best case.

If you do know a lawyer, and he’s not a criminal defence attorney, it would still be smart to get in touch with him. He may refer you to an attorney or law firm that could help.

Find someone specialised

If you happen to know a defence attorney, but he doesn’t specialize in theft and fraud, you shouldn’t work with him. Remember that theft charges are very serious. You should hire an attorney that specifically specializes in theft and fraud cases.

Moreover, your case may be very complicated. Hopefully, there is a theft defence lawyer around that specializes in complicated cases like yours.

It shouldn’t be hard to find an experienced theft defence attorney near you. You can contact your local bar association to get a short-list. If not for this, you could always search online.

What does the lawyer offer?

Look at the law firm your attorney works for. What kind of services do they offer? The best law firms would work with police officers and other experts to provide insight on your case.

Masstsang is one of the top boutique criminal law companies in Toronto. You’ll have the best chances of winning with them.

Legal fees

No matter the type of lawyer that you’re hiring, he would charge hefty legal fees. If you’re hiring an experienced attorney, his charges would be especially high. You shouldn’t be afraid to borrow to pay his legal fees.

Thankfully, most law firms let you pay in installments. Discuss this with your theft and fraud lawyer so that you can figure out a payment plan that would work the best for you. Discussing payments thoroughly beforehand would also prevent hidden fees from popping up.


Once you’ve found an attorney that has a great track record and has worked many cases like yours, you need to assess him. Meet for a consultation to discuss your case. See what he says about your defence and how he intends to win.

Be prepared, though. The case might take a while. A skilled attorney should be able to finish it off quicker.

When it comes to hiring the best theft and fraud attorney, there are many things to consider. Make sure that the lawyer you hire has worked many cases like yours. More importantly, he should have won many of them. Of course, check the type of services his law firm offers.

Do they partner up with police officers and other third-party experts to get the best insight on what to do? Hopefully, the attorney you’re interested in doesn’t charge too high of rates either.

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