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Highly classified leaked documents ‘embarrassing’ for US and ‘diplomatic repair work’ is needed as ‘Russia is the only beneficiary’

14th Apr 23 11:35 am

The UK’s former national security adviser has said that the highly classified leaked documents by Jack Teixeira is “embarrassing” for the US with their allies.

Sir Mark Lyall-Grant said that the “American intelligence community will be embarrassed” and he told Sky News that the US will need to do “some diplomatic repair work” with other countries.

This applies especially to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as the leaked files suggest that they have deepened their ties with Russia and that Egypt are supplying weapons and ammunition to Russia.

Sir Mark who is also the former UK ambassador to the UN said that the US “will want to explain quite why these documents were so widely spread.”

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He added that they will have to explain why “a relatively junior soldier in an Air Force National Guard in Massachusetts was able to get hold of them,” and was then able to release the files on Discord.

He does not believe that there will be any “long term damage,” adding, “America has the most capable, the most effective intelligence agencies in the world and [its] allies are very keen to work very closely with America.

“That won’t change because of this blip.”

However, the head of the Main Intelligence Agency of the Ministry of Defense, Kyrylo Budanov told ABC News in Kyiv that “Russia is the only beneficiary of this.”

He said that he is confident that here is “no risk” that the leaked files will damage relations between Ukraine and the United States.

He added, “If there is a problem, it will be solved. If there is no problem, even better. This will not be able to affect the real results of the offensive operation.”

Budanov spoke over the ability of the Ukrainian forces to make progress in the upcoming counteroffensive, despite the fact that some US officials believe any perceived successes will be more modest than last year’s operation.

He said, “What will be the results of these actions? I think that, in the near future, everyone will see and feel it.”

Budanov admitted that the “success of this offensive operation is badly needed” and told ABC News, that “without victories, sooner or later, questions will be asked whether it’s worth continuing to support Ukraine.”

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