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Hancock in new row as the ‘stink and sleaze from the government has polluted politics’

22nd Jul 21 9:19 am

The former Health Secretary, Matt Hancock has entered into a new sleaze row over hiring his mistress Gina Coladangelo through private appointment.

Campaigners are saying this raises “serious questions” over how the government could be allowed to recruit for identical roles at the same time as Hancock signed off his long time friend, Coladangelo for a non-executive director.

This happened before the application period was ended where there was four jobs which all had the same title which was advertised by the Department of Health (DHSC).

Her roles is reported not to have been one of the four positions, and Hancock made the appointment of his mistress 10 days before the deadline.

Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner MP said, “The stink of sleaze coming from this Government has polluted our politics for too long.

“The DHSC must publish all correspondence and documents regarding this appointment process, but this is not just about one case.

“The whole scandal of ministers’ mates pocketing £1,000 a day of taxpayers’ money to sit as non-executive directors must end.

“Labour would clean up politics, starting with overhauling the non-executive director process and bringing in a single ethics and integrity commission with the power to oversee and enforce all anti-corruption and ethics laws and regulations.”

Hancock was caught in “kiss cam” snogging Coladangelo and resigned from his post as Health Secretary and then left his wife and children for his mistress.

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