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German PC games sales revenue to reach €787m by 2023

by LLB Reporter
27th Nov 19 11:57 am

With more than 34m people playing computer and video games, Germany is one of the leading gaming markets globally. PC games sales, as one of the significant revenue generators in the German games market, will continue to grow in the following years. According to GoldenCasinoNews.com research, this segment of the market is expected to reach €787m profit by 2023.

German PC games revenue increased for €35m in the last year

The PC games market in Germany reached its peak in 2011 when it generated €834m profit. In the following years, market revenue significantly decreased. In 2018 computer game sales, including physical and digital sales, subscriptions and additional paid content, generated around €620m income and continued to rise. According to the recent data, Germany will end 2019 with €655m in revenue in computer games sales.

Top 3 best-selling PC and video games in Germany hit 3m sold copies

The statistics show that the top ten best-selling video and PC games in Germany reached 5.8m sold units as of November 2019. The football simulation game FIFA 19 for PS4 is the bestselling computer and video game with over 1.33m copies sold. Red Dead Redemption 2 ranked second on the list with almost 1.1m copies, followed by Spiderman with more than 578 thousand sold pieces. The top three best-selling PC and video games in Germany reached more than 3m sold units.

The recent data show that overall consumer spending on video games in Germany is expected to rise in the following years. In 2019 Germans spent nearly €4.25bn on all video games, and by 2023, this figure is expected to increase to almost €5.1bn.

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