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Freezing Arctic blast and snow set to hit Britain

by LLB Reporter
1st Mar 21 3:29 pm

From Thursday weather forecasters are warning that temperatures could fall as low as -5C in Scotland from Thursday, and further down in England could see the mercury fall to -2C.

The Lake District and Cumbria could also have temperatures as low as -2C, with the south of England, London and Kent could see drop to 1C.

Forecasters have said that high pressure near Iceland could bring wintry conditions from the north, and snow probability models show northern and eastern parts of the UK from the north.

There is a 30 t0 100% chance that snow could arrive in the UK from Thursday, 4 March.

Brian Gaze at Weather Outlook warned of “cold Arctic air” blasting snow showers as the week progresses.

He told Express.co.uk, “The focus this week is on a transition to colder weather later on.

“High pressure will build close to Iceland and cold Arctic air will push southwards across the UK.

“The meteorological spring starts today but during the second half of this week it is looking wintry with nighttime frosts becoming widespread and the possibility of sleet or snow showers.

“They are most likely in eastern and possibly central regions.”

The BBC weather forecast said, “As light winds drag some air from the continent into England via the North Sea, there is potential for quite a bit of low cloud to develop.

“This could make Monday to Wednesday especially dull for many areas in the Midlands and Southern England.

“Elsewhere, some decent sunny spells through the afternoon are expected.

“If the cloud fails to develop as thick then it may break apart in the afternoon in England too, making for some fine days.

“Towards the weekend, high pressure is likely to begin to shift away to the west.

“This will allow for some colder air to flow in from the north for a few days, bringing temperatures below average.

“It will still be drier than normal, but some rain or hail is possible over the weekend in the north and east.”

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