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Four things a business owner needs to do to keep their heat pump functional

10th Nov 17 12:38 pm

Here’s what you need to know

For most business owners, finding a way to reduce the amount of expenses they have each money is essential. There are a number of things you can do to reduce operating costs, like having your OCHSNER commercial heat pumps maintained on a regular basis. Without a functional heat pump, you will be unable to properly heat and cool the inside of your commercial building. Rather than having to deal with these issues, you need to find a way to keep this vital part of your HVAC system in good working order. Below are some of the things that should be done to keep your commercial heat pump functional and repair free.

1. Proper Air Flow is Essential

In order for the various components of your commercial HVAC system to work, they will need the right amount of air flow. Without the proper air flow, it is only a matter of time before your heat pump and a variety of other parts cease to work completed. The first thing you need to check when experiencing air flow issues is the air filter in your commercial unit. If this filter is clogged with dust and other allergens, it will be unable to let air pass through it. Another key element to keep maintained in relation to proper air flow is your air ducts. Over time, these ducts will begin to clog and will have to be cleaned by professionals in order to stay functional. Ensuring you have proper air flow is a great way to reduce the strain on your heat pump.

2. Ensure Your Thermostat is Set Properly

If you are like most business owners, the knowledge you have regarding how your heat pump operates is a bit limited. You need to consult with a commercial HVAC professional to find out whether or not your system is equipped with a variable-speed fan motor. If it is not, you need to make sure all of your thermostats are on the auto setting. Failing to do this will make your fans run all of the time, which will put an unbelievable strain on your heat pump. Having the fans in your HVAC system running all of the time will also lead to very high energy bills. Rather than increasing monthly operating costs, you need to set your thermostats to auto immediately.

3. Be Mindful of the Condition of Your Outdoor Coils

One of the most important parts of your HVAC unit is the outside condenser coils. If these coils are not functioning properly, it will usually affect the performance of your unit’s heat pump. One of the main problems business owners will face with their outdoor coils is them being covered in dirt and dust. The best way to avoid these problems is by taking the time to clean them on occasion. With a water hose and a bit of elbow grease, you will have no problem keeping this part of your unit functional. If you are unsure about how to approach this work, allowing professionals to do it is your best course of action.

4. Reduce the Amount of Foliage Around the Outside Portion of the Unit

Having grass or leaves around the outside portion of your unit will usually lead to issues with air flow. It is your job to ensure that all vegetation and foliage around this part of your unit is removed. Completely removing these hazards will allow you to get the most out of your unit with ease. Taking the time to inspect the outside portion of your HVAC unit on a regular basis is a great way to spot problems before they start to cause damage.

Working with professionals who are familiar with your brand of heat pump is essential. Professionals with the brand-specific experience will have no problem keeping this vital part of your unit running efficiently.

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