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Is your office’s climate affecting your business?

by LLB Reporter
9th Oct 17 11:24 am

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Running a business in the city of London means that you have to be prepared to handle the environmental conditions of all four seasons. London has bitter, cold winters, and blazing hot summers. Balancing the temperature of your office environment with the weather condition’s outside requires an HVAC system that is custom tailored to your office’s layout, floor space and volume. Labour law states that an office should not be colder than 16 °C. Achieving that in the winter time without a central heating system is impossible.

Installing an HVAC, (Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling) system in your workplace has many benefits for your business.

Better Health in the Workplace

The air quality of the workplace is a critical component of a happy, productive, efficient office filled with employees that love coming to work and enjoy working in their office space.

If your staff are frequently sick, or viruses transferred throughout the workplace, then the temperature, humidity, and air quality may be to blame. If your air is too humid, I can cause the growth of black mold and other bacterial spores. These spores can have a detrimental effect on health, attacking the airways causing respiratory problems. If your office air is too dry and cold, then it may also cause other health issues such as headaches, joint pain, and sinusitis.

Using an HVAC solution to manage your air quality will circulate the air throughout your office at the ideal relative humidity and temperature. The design of ducting and air flow in an HVAC system will ensure that the entire workplace is covered and receives good airflow, keeping your employees happy and healthy. HVAC systems have air-ionisers that remove any bacteria and spores that are present.

Improve Employee Performance and Concentration

The temperature of the work environment plays a significant role in your employee’s ability to think clearly and stay focused on their work. Work environments that are too hot, too cold, or too humid can not only present a significant amount of health problem for your employees, but it can slow their ability to think, making them less productive.

An HVAC system keeps the temperature regulated at a consistent, comfortable temperature that allows them to remain at their most productive during their time in the office. Clean air is essential for optimal human health, and when your employees have an environment that is conducive to this, they will perform at their peak for the company.

Work with The London Office Climate Professionals

If you have a business in London that requires a renovation of its HVAC system, or a new installation for an office block you may be building, then make sure that you work with professionals. Many fly-by-night installers will cut corners on your installation to save themselves time and money, leaving you holding the bag. Get the installation you need from experts that have a good track record in the industry and client testimonials that prove their service level agreement is met. It is better to spend more initially and receive the work you paid for than get a discount and receive sub-par work and an HVAC system that is faulty and inefficient.

Your climate control service should arrange a site inspection to visit your premises and plan your system. All climate control systems are unique and require planning to ensure that they are fitted correctly and operate efficiently.

Low Maintenance

Your installer should arrange a preventative maintenance schedule with you to make sure that your new HVAC system is always functioning at 100% efficiency. Preventative maintenance can be done once or twice a season, and the installation team will clean the system and test it for any faults. A maintenance contract can be worked into your sales price, allowing you to finance it into your company’s expenses. Provided that the system is maintained well, it should give you no issues and always deliver clean air, heated or cooled to your exact preferences.

Wrapping Up

Running an office in London can be a stressful experience. However, compound those stresses with a work environment that has poor air quality and temperature inefficiencies, and you have a recipe for disaster. Call your London air con specialists and arrange a quotation for your office today.

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