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Four main differences between UI and UX

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17th Mar 20 12:51 pm

UI and UX are two terms that are often used interchangeably, but when you break them down to their basic, they are very different things. You might have heard people saying things like the UX of a certain product was good, or the UI of a website was poor. If you get confused between the two terms and are trying to look for a difference between the two, you have come to the right place. Learning the difference between UX and UI goes a long way towards becoming a good designer, so without further ado, let’s break them down to their core so that you can easily understand their difference.

UX makes interface useful, UI makes it beautiful

Any business must rely on two things if it wants to succeed. Firstly it relies on making a product that meets a need that is already not being met in the market, and then it must attract customers by making that product visually aesthetic. So, in essence, the processes of UX designers must involve doing competitor research and developing a product that meets the demands of the customers. And once it is done, a UI designer implements the visual hierarchy to make the product appealing. The UX experts at Adobe even say “The goal of user interface design is to create a user interface that makes it easy, efficient, and enjoyable for users to interact with a product. “

UX aims to accomplish goals, UI aims to make connections

The UX side of things helps businesses get the answers to their customers. If a person is coming to a website to buy a car, they might need some assistance in choosing their next ride. So, a UX designer has to validate the quality of the website, meanwhile giving information to people. Once a UX designer has optimized the website for usability, a UI designer draws people to stay at the website using personal connections to develop a relationship with each visitor so that he keeps coming back.

UX comes first, then comes UI

Now, you might be wondering as both the UX and UI depend on each other, how do these designers work together? Normally, in most projects, the first step is developing a product or creating an application followed by visual designing and micro-interactions. It is the job of the UX designer to lead the product from planning to execution so that the product works as he wants it to. In simpler terms, a UX designer draws the maps for a project, and a UI designer fills it with interactive elements.

UI is the bridge that takes us where we want to go, UX is the feeling when we arrive

You have to keep in mind that UX is everywhere. We have to understand that UX has turned so much more than just a way to increase your online conversion, and UI is no longer a series of attractive forms or buttons on the screen. We have to understand that it is possible to provide good user experience to visitors without having a good interface, but it can backfire pretty badly. In fact, good design becomes totally invisible when it is done by an expert. If a user goes over to a website, easily finds something he is looking for, and everything on the website works perfectly, you have created a perfect balance between UX and UI

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