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Explosions rip through major naval port in Crimea with Russian warships blown up and officials ‘don’t know how to tell Putin’

by LLB political Reporter
29th Oct 22 3:50 pm

Vladimir Putin’s own troops have blown up their own Russian warships by stupidity of handling explosives carelessly in the Sevastopol Bay.

CCTV footage shows the moment if the strength of a detonation which lit up the whole of the Sevastopol Bay which reportedly blew up four Russian warships.

Four Russian warships from the Black Sea fleet were blown up including a landing ship and a frigate.

Anton Gerashchenkon, an adviser to Ukraine’s Interior Ministry claimed Russian troops caused the explosions by being careless with the handling of major explosives in the Bay.

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Gerashchenkon said in a Telegram post, “The Russians are so shocked they still don’t know how to report it to Putin!”

The Sevastopol Governor said on Telegram: “Today [Saturday], starting at 04:30am for several hours, various air defence systems in Sevastopol repelled drone attacks.”

“All UAVs [unmanned aerial vehicles] have been shot down,” he claimed.

Despite many videos of the explosions the Sevastopol Governor claims that “Nothing has been hit in the city. We remain calm. The situation is under control.”

Moscow has said that Ukraine had launched drone attacks on Crimea in the early hours of Saturday and claimed that they had repelled the strikes and claim that they had shot down all 16 drones.

The Russia’s Defence Ministry said the sea minesweeper Ivan Golubets, which is part of the Black Sea fleet, had only received minor damage in the Ukrainian drone attack.

The Russian Defence Ministry said, “In the course of repelling a terrorist attack on the outer roadstead of Sevastopol, the use of naval weapons and naval aviation of the Black Sea Fleet destroyed four marine unmanned vehicles.

“Three more vehicles were destroyed on the inner roadstead.

“The sea minesweeper Ivan Golubets, as well as the bonnet barrier in Yuzhnaya Bay, received minor damage.”

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