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US Sixth Fleet ‘allied carrier strike group’ are ‘ready’ for war with Russia in the Adriatic should Putin attack NATO

by LLB political Reporter
28th Oct 22 12:19 pm

The US Sixth Fleet who are headquartered in Naples, Italy are ready for combat duty in Europe should Vladimir Putin decide to attack NATO or their allies.

The USS George HW Bush is in the Adriatic Sea who are heading up the deterrence, as part of Operation Neptune Strike 2022 which involve 6,000 troops, 80 aircraft and 14 warships.

Large scale military exercises are taking place along with NATO allies and they are “ready” to respond to a “variety of missions” when and if ordered to defend the US and “NATO” and their “partners.”

Vice Admiral Thomas Ishee, who is the Commander of the US Sixth Fleet and Naval Striking and Support Forces NATO, said, “The Neptune series is a tangible demonstration of the power and capability of the NATO Alliance in all domain operations.

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“Neptune Strike 2022 is a prime example of NATO’s ability to integrate high-end maritime warfare capabilities of an allied carrier strike group, ensuring our collective ability to deter and defend.”

Speaking to Newsweek, Captain Tamara Lawrence, US Naval Forces Europe-Africa spokesperson, said, “While deployed to the US Naval Forces Europe-Africa area of operations, the George HW Bush Carrier Strike Group stands ready to respond to a variety of missions when tasked, in defence of the United States and our NATO allies and partners.”

Lieutenant Cordan Mackenzie also told the publication, “I think U.S.-trained Navy pilots are the best in the world.

“All we do out here is train and get ready for a fight that might come and I think when it comes, pilot to pilot, I hope we are the better man in the box.”

The Pentagon have also deployed the elite 101st Airborne Division to Europe to prepare for “nuclear training drills” amid Vladimir Putin and Moscow’s threats of launching a tactical nuclear weapon or a “dirty bomb.”

Colonel Edwin Matthaidess, Commander of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, told CBS News, “We bring a unique capability from our air assault capabilities.

“It’s also incredibly meaningful to us to return to Europe after eighty years away.”

Colonel Matthaidess added to CBS News that his troops are now the closest US forces to the fighting taking place in Ukraine.

The Colonel said, that from their vantage point, they have been “closely watching” the Russians, “building objectives to practice against” and they are conducting drills which “replicate exactly what’s going on” in the war in Ukraine.

He added, “It keeps us on our toes,” and we are “ready to fight tonight”

The division’s Deputy Commander, Brigadier General John Lubas told CBS, “We’re ready to defend every inch of NATO soil.

“We bring a unique capability, from our air assault capability… We’re a light infantry force, but again, we bring that mobility with us, for our aircraft and air assaults.”

The Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu had a  call with French Defence Minister Sebastien Lecornu where, “They discussed the situation in Ukraine which is rapidly deteriorating.

“It is trending towards further uncontrolled escalation.”

The Ministry said he had told his French counterpart that Moscow are concerned that Ukraine could detonate a “dirty bomb” over their country which would be a device laced with radioactive material.

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