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Expert warns there was a ‘sudden blow cutting the pipe’ and Norway deploy their military as the war expands to the Baltic Sea

by LLB political Reporter
28th Sep 22 4:52 pm

On Tuesday Russian owned gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea were blown up in a blast that was so powerful it caused an earthquake which measure 2.3 on the Richter scale, which was confirmed by Sweden’s National Seismology Centre (SNSN).

As a result Norway are deploying their military to the Baltic Sea which was confirmed by the Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere on Wednesday afternoon.

Stoere said, “The military will be more visible at Norwegian oil and gas installations.”

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Norway said they “will raise preparedness” around oil and gas installations in the Baltic Sea and two months back, the Royal Navy said they followed Russian submarines as they travelled south from the Arctic along the Norwegian coastline.

An expert has suggested that there can only be one result of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline exploding.

Professor Joan Cordiner of the University of Sheffield has suggested it could happen as the result of a “sudden blow cutting the pipe.”

She said, “Pipes don’t just leak catastrophically suddenly. Typically normal leaks due to corrosion start small and build up over time.

“Therefore such a sudden large leak can only have come from a sudden blow cutting the pipe.

“We can see from the width of the bubbles that the leak was sudden and very large, which is consistent with a large pipe being fully cut and not from normal corrosion we would see in operation.

“This is from a powerful event; either a large explosion or sudden physical trauma that cut the pipe wide open. The investigation will yield the answers.”

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