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EXCLUSIVE: Police deny moped gang were armed with weapons near Prince George's school

9th May 17 8:14 pm

Despite numerous reports from local residents

The Metroplitan Police have been caught lying in a case which involved moped gangs armed with a machete and knives terrorising people in the streets close to Prince George’s future primary school. 

Locals in the area, including LondonlovesBusiness team members, have seen gangs wielding weapons speed through pedestrianised areas near Thomas’s School in Battersea, south-west London.

Camera footage shows them weaving among restaurant tables and threatening diners.

Battersea Square moped gang

Source: @LondonLovesBiz

You can clearly see in the background a moped gang member almost hitting a bystander on the pavement.

A call was made to police via 999 to report the incident. However, the Metropolitan police have stated that no incident involving weapons had been reported to the police.  

On 6 April, a call was made at 20:17. The caller who was dining at Gordon Ramsay’s London House, Battersea witnessed up to 12 motorbikes and mopeds waving a machete and knives.

A police van arrived at approximately 20:30 on 6 April and two witnesses spoke to the police and told them face-to-face what had occurred. I as the journalist witnessed this and equally told them they had a machete in their hand. I was alarmed and shocked by what the police sergeant said to us.

Inspector Guy Osbourne of the Safer Neighbourhood Team of Battersea, said police officers in Wandsworth are “very aware” of the moped crime and said that this issue is “a borough priority.”

Inspector Osbourne said: “Crime Prevention advice is being given to the public through social media and by holding open days with the council specifically aimed at moped crime.”

“Police are working with moped manufacturers so they are being made more difficult to steal.”

However, most bizarrely Inspector Osbourne of the Metropolitan Police said: “Incidents involving weapons had ‘not been’ reported to the police.” This was reported by the Mail Online and the Evening Standard, The Sun and all other major publications.

LondonLovesBusiness has clear evidence that the police have been informed multiple times with multiple witnesses.

An email was sent to the Met police on Sunday 23 April. An anonymous eye witness said in this email: “In the holidays I was in [Gordon Ramsay’s] London House with a few friends from around this area.”

“A large group of motorbikes with their number plates blacked out, roared across the square, some ‘brandishing knives’. The couple I was with called the police as this is happening often at the moment. The police took details but took no action”

The witness added that on another date: “This has continued to be a theme that they have witnessed with one that happened at 13:10 today.”

Another witness who has asked to remain anonymous said on 6 April: “I have seen Scooter Jousting with ancient swords, reckless wheelies that have could harmed toddlers and people in wheelchairs.”

The Met police were again emailed with the full statement on 7 April to their press team.

So, it really does beg the question, why are the police reporting that they have not received any reports of a moped gang waving machetes or knives?

A local resident wrote to LondonLovesBusiness his thoughts and he has also been a victim twice of his car being broken into.

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