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European countries with the most successful companies

by LLB Finance Reporter
14th Nov 23 6:04 am

New research has revealed which European countries are home to companies that make the most profit per employee.

The study by global fintech group Plus500 analysed the largest companies in Europe (by market cap), and compared their total profit in 2022 with their number of employees to discover each business’s profit per employee.

It then calculated which countries had the highest number of companies with the largest profit per employee in the list, to find the most business centric countries in Europe.

United Kingdom – 22 of the top 100

The UK is home to many large companies, some of which are not only the largest in Europe but across the globe. These are companies like energy giants BP, which makes £366,635 profit for every employee, and Shell which is the third most successful company in Europe, making £326,501 per employee.

Global pharmaceutical companies GlaxoSmithKline and AstraZeneca also feature in the top 100 largest companies, as well as banking companies HSBC and Lloyds. The UK has a vast array of businesses reaching across a plethora of industries so it’s no surprise it takes the top spot on this list.

France – 21 of the top 100

France ranks joint second in this list with 21 companies in the top 100 companies by profit per employee. These companies include Luxury retailers, Hermes, Dior and LVMH, who have all set the benchmark for high-end fashion worldwide.

France is also home to food production company Danone and Liqueur retailer Pernod Ricard both of which rank in the top 25 most in Europe based on profit per employee. France has a multitude of successful businesses that are known globally.

Germany – 21 of the top 100

Germany is home to many successful companies, including Hapag-Lloyd being which topped Plus500’s ranking as the company with the most profit per employee, at £1,058,898.94 per worker.

As well as shipping and transport Germany also has some of the world’s largest retailers with Adidas and car manufacturers Porsche and Mercedes.

Netherlands  – 10 of the top 100

The Netherlands is third on this list with 10 of the companies that make the most profit per employee, including the automotive manufacturing corporation Stellantis.

The Netherlands is also known around the world for being home to one of the most famous beers Heineken, as well as the renowned multinational music corporation Universal Music Group, which operates in over 60 countries.

Republic of Ireland – 8 of the top 100

The Republic of Ireland has the fourth most companies in Europe. Ireland has eight of Europe’s most successful companies in Europe originating there, with information technology and consulting giants Accenture, a Fortune 500 company, as well as global leader in medical technology Medtronic.

Italy5 of the top 100

Italy has five of Europe’s most successful companies by profit per employee, these range from energy giant ENI (fourth most profit per employee in Europe, £325,927), to luxury car manufacturer Ferrari.

Denmark – 4 of the top 100

Denmark has four countries that originate from there, the geographical location of the country is why it has such great maritime shipping links and thus many successful logistics companies such as DSV and Maersk, which has the sixth highest profit per employee of the top 100 companies in Europe.

Denmark is also home to pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk, which has the largest market cap in Europe.

Sweden – 3 of the top 100

Sweden is seventh on this list, and has some of Europe’s most notable companies originating there with Volvo, Atlas Copco and Investor AB all of which feature in the top 100 most successful companies in Europe based on profit per employee.

Belgium – 1 of the top 100

Belgium ranks eighth in this list for companies with the most profit per employee in Europe. Known globally for its brewery and beers, Belgium is home to Anheuser-Busch InBev, which has a multitude of beers brands on its roster and produces, sells and brews all over the world.

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