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End of the British Summer Time is ticking!

26th Sep 17 1:43 pm

When do the clocks go back this year?

With the nip in the weather arriving, the countdown has begun for the annual ritual of changing the clock. Just like the saying ‘spring forward, fall back’, the clocks will again be going back this autumn.

British Summer Time (BST) ends on the last Sunday in October, which means you can wind your clocks back one hour on October 29 this year at 2 am, gaining an extra hour in bed that Sunday. 

With the winding of the clock, BST will come to an end and we will move back to the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

British Summer Time, also known as Daylight Saving Time, was first introduced in Britain in 1907 by William Willett to make use of the daylight first thing in the summer morning and get people out of bed earlier. Germany introduced the concept in 1916 again and Britain adopted it on 21 May that year.

In 1895 George Vernon Hudson, an entomologist in New Zealand, introduced the idea to the Wellington Philosophical Society about the daylight saving scheme, and it was then successfully trialed in 1927. 

The clocks go forward on the last Sunday in March at 1 am, meaning we lose an hour of sleep. The clocks must then revert back on the last Sunday in October to take the UK back to standard time.

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