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Drone show company rating

by Sarah Dunsby
18th Jul 23 10:23 am

In formulating this rating, we have considered several key benchmarks that are crucial in assessing drone show companies:

  1. Number of shows per year: The frequency of shows reflects their professionalism. A higher number of shows indicates a more established and experienced firm.
  2. Scale of shows: The scope and complexity of the performances are significant factors. Companies that create intricate and unique shows often have a team consisting of highly experienced individuals.
  3. Price and quality: Striking the right balance between price and quality is essential when choosing a company. Evaluating both the cost and level of quality offered help in making an informed selection.
  4. Safety measures: This criterion evaluates the safety precautions implemented by the company to ensure the well-being of its staff and audience throughout the shows. It reflects their commitment to prioritising safety.
  5. Audience coverage: Assessing the audience reach showcases the media resource scale of a company, indicating its ability to engage and captivate a wide audience.
  6. Software: The software utilised by a drone show company plays a vital role in evaluating its performance, safety, creativity, and overall rating. The quality and capabilities of the software impact the precision, synchronisation, and innovative elements of their shows.

By taking these benchmarks into account, we can effectively assess the professionalism, expertise, safety standards, audience reach, and technical capabilities of drone show companies.

TOP-10 best drone show companies

  1. Lumasky Drone Show
  2. Geoscan Drone Show
  4. Firefly
  5. SkyElements Drone Show
  6. BotLab Dynamics
  7. Dronisos
  8. Uvify
  9. High-Great
  10. Verge Aero

Lumasky Drone Show

Lumasky Drone Show commences our evaluation of drone show companies. The 4,000 drones of Lumasky make it one of the leading organisations in this industry. Based in Dubai, the company has been performing light shows all over the world since 2022, working with such brands as BVLGARI, Boston Consulting Group, Genshin Impact, Brands for Less, UNESCO, MSC, and many others. Lumasky places utmost importance on precision and safety in every aspect of its operations. Its skilled team of navigators and engineers meticulously plan and execute each show, adhering to stringent safety guidelines and regulations set by aviation authorities. Lumasky drone shows software empowers professionals and enthusiasts in the drone entertainment industry to unleash their creativity and deliver unforgettable experiences through meticulously orchestrated drone light shows. This company disrupts the status quo.

Geoscan Drone Show

Geoscan Drone Show, founded in 2011 in St. Petersburg, has made a significant impact in the world of aerial entertainment. Its innovative approach has completely transformed the way we witness captivating displays in the sky. Geoscan stands out by seamlessly blending geospatial technology with its extensive drone expertise, earning a prominent position in the industry. Comprising a talented group of engineers, Geoscan excels in drone design and the seamless coordination of drone performances on a global scale. The establishment of their drone show division in the subsequent year propelled them to emerge as one of the foremost drone companies in Russia. While specific details about the software utilised by Geoscan Drone Show may not be publicly disclosed, they likely employ a combination of software and hardware solutions to effectively control and synchronise the drones during their performances.


SKYMAGIC operates in Singapore and the UK. What sets SKYMAGIC apart is its ability to create immersive audiovisual experiences through synchronised soundtracks and meticulously timed visual effects. The skilled team at SKYMAGIC has been executing drone shows since 2015, captivating audiences worldwide. With their experts being approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), spectators can have confidence in the show’s visual appeal and safety. SKYMAGIC has expanded their offerings to include pyrodrones — an innovative drone type developed through a collaboration with Fireworks by Grucci.

Firefly Drone Shows

Firefly Drone Shows is a renowned company that arranges exceptional drone light exhibitions across the USA as well as several other countries globally. Their commitment to precision, safety, and continual innovation make Firefly illuminate the night sky with ever-evolving displays that captivate the imagination and leave a lasting impression on spectators. The team comprises skilled experts and designers who provide comprehensive show production services, ensuring the safe execution of drone spectacles. Additionally, these skilled professionals at Firefly drone shows have obtained approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), ensuring that they adhere to the highest standards and regulations set by the industry. Established in Detroit, the company takes pride in its collaborations with prominent entities of some of the huge companies.

SkyElements Drone Show

Founded in Texas, United States, SkyElements Drone Show is another example of creativity and integrity. A team of experts approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has meticulously organised different shows across the country for various events. SkyElements, a renowned company in the drone show industry, possesses drones that boast an impressive flight height of 120 meters. This exceptional capability allows spectators to enjoy their captivating shows from considerable distances. SkyElements has garnered significant acclaim and established collaborations with esteemed events and venues worldwide. Their awe-inspiring performances have adorned prominent stages, including iconic landmarks, prestigious music festivals, and international gatherings.

BotLab Dynamics

BotLab Dynamics, a leading Indian company focused on drone shows, harnesses the power of swarm technology to orchestrate mesmerising aerial displays featuring multiple drones flying autonomously and harmoniously. The company achieved a remarkable milestone by unveiling India’s inaugural QR Code in the sky above Mumbai, demonstrating its pioneering capabilities to the world. With a fleet of 1,000 drones, they create a breathtaking aerial spectacle that leaves audiences in awe. Embracing an ambitious vision, their ultimate objective is to popularise drone light shows as a pollution-free and captivating alternative to traditional fireworks, offering people a wholesome and eco-friendly source of entertainment.


Dronisos, a company based in France, operates on a global scale, offering a diverse range of captivating displays. With their use of advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment, the company’s skilled team brings to life a wide variety of mesmerising displays, featuring intricate formations and elaborate designs. Notably, Dronisos has also developed its compact drones, which made their debut on the TV show, showcasing their innovative prowess. A distinguishing aspect of Dronisos is their utilisation of advanced software solutions to control and synchronise their drones during performances. This software likely incorporates flight path planning, choreography, real-time control, and synchronisation elements, enabling the creation of impressive and synchronised drone shows.


Uvify, an esteemed player in the drone show industry, maintains a strong global presence through its offices in Canada, the USA, the PRC, and South Korea, and its headquarters in San Francisco. As a prominent global service provider, Uvify boasts an impressive fleet of over 500 cutting-edge drones. The drones typically come equipped with advanced flight control systems and proprietary software that enable precise control, intelligent flight modes, and smooth aerial maneuvers. Uvify’s software often includes features like waypoint navigation, autonomous flight, and customisable flight parameters to cater to the needs of different users.


Back in 2014, a pioneering venture called High-Great surfaced, they focused on drone research, development, sales, and captivating drone light shows. Established in China, this company is about to become one of the most prominent drone show organisers in Asia, offering captivating displays for a wide range of events. With an impressive fleet of over 5000 drones, High-Great achieved a remarkable feat during a mesmerising spectacle in China in May 2021. In a remarkable display, they simultaneously shattered four world records, setting a new standard in innovation and achievement. The company’s display left audiences amazed and enthralled.

Verge Aero

Established in 2016 in the United States, Verge Aero is an innovative drone performance company renowned for its dynamic showcases. With a worldwide presence, Verge Aero specialises in delivering awe-inspiring drone shows that captivate audiences with their grandeur. Beyond event organisation, the company’s team of professional designers and engineers focuses on creating advanced performances with the help of engineering and drones, aiming to enhance safety and flexibility. Verge Aero also achieved a milestone by incorporating a light show in a video clip featuring some of the famous artists in the USA. The company’s outstanding expertise received additional recognition when it took part in America’s Got Talent: Extreme and earned an award. This remarkable display of skill made a lasting impact on both the judges and the audience, leaving a strong impression.

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