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Dr warns her A&E is ‘is inhumane & unsanitary’ and the government told their inaction will lead to ‘more preventable deaths’

by Mark Fitt Political Journalist
5th Jan 23 2:45 pm

The government has been warned that their “inaction” and “ignoring” doctors “voices” will lead to more “preventable deaths.”

Ambulance delays are so bad that GPs in some cases are “driving patients to hospitals themselves,” the government has been told.

The Prime Minister is under pressure to recall Parliament so that MPs can discuss the NHS crisis.

An A&E Dr shared alarming insight into the horrific third world conditions at the hospital where she works.

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Specialist Registrar Lucie Cocker wrote on Twitter, “Just taken a handover. 8 waiting >20hrs. 3 waiting >30 hrs. 1 waiting >50yr hrs

“This is no longer an A&E. We are a long stay ward BUT no patient washing facilities, no access to hot food, 3 toilets to 180 patients.

“This is inhumane & unsanitary.”

The Doctors’ Association have warned the Prime Minister in a letter which was signed, “Patients are waiting over 12 hours to be seen in emergency departments; consultations are taking place in the back of ambulances and in corridors due to bottlenecks in the system that impact on patient flow.

“In the community, GPs are consulting with 7 million people per week, dealing with patients who are getting sicker and sicker as they wait months for operations – and in some cases driving patients to hospital themselves due to ambulance delays.

“The result of inaction and ignoring our voices, will be more preventable death and haemorrhaging of hardworking, experienced healthcare staff.”

Deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats Daisy Cooper slammed Sunak and Health Secretary Steve Barclay as they are “nowhere to be seen” as the NHS are struggling to manage the “twindemic.”

The Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said the Prime Minister is “in denial” over the NHS crisis during his New Year speech.

Sir Keir said, “You saw it again yesterday from the Prime Minister – commentary without solution.

“More promises, more platitudes. No ambition to take us forward. No sense of what the country needs. Thirteen years of nothing but sticking plaster politics.

“It’s why every crisis hits Britain harder than our competitors. The only country in the G7 still poorer than it was before the pandemic. The worst decade for growth in two centuries.

“Seven million on waiting lists and rising. That hasn’t happened elsewhere.”

Speaking about the NHS, Sir Keir said, “I heard the Prime Minister yesterday – and he’s still in denial about how we got here.

“Still too weak to challenge the vested interests in his party that hold Britain back. Don’t expect that to change.”

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