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Do entrepreneurs require education?

14th Mar 18 10:56 am

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It is from a Harvard dormitory that Mark Zuckerberg came up with Facebook. He dropped out as soon as the social media website gained popularity. Ralph Lauren, Jerry Yang, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, David Geffen, Michael Dell, Larry Page and Bill Gates are among people who dropped out of university or high school to become self-made billionaires. Most of the people on the list had just a little taste of higher education before they bailed out to pursue their entrepreneurial desires. It is argued that most people have talents, but they end up wasting them in schools. They end up joining the other millions of degree holders who aspire to work for the few entrepreneurs who probably didn’t finish school. If you are in college and you feel you have to finish, it is suggested you should use ‘write my essay’ services from custom essay writers. This way, you will have more than enough time to discover your talents while still in school and start finding your way into the entrepreneurship world. On Small Business Trends you may read about whether education makes individuals better in entrepreneurship. I will look at the view of those against and those for higher education.

Proponents of higher education

Some people do not agree that we should forget about higher education and go directly into entrepreneurship. These proponents of higher education say that a college degree is still important in that the four-year period is a time that students grow up and expand their understanding of the world beyond that of their homes, families or high school environment. It is the degrees we get in college that make us professionals – doctors, engineers, architects or psychiatrists. The world cannot run without these millions of people. Moreover, unless you have a God-given talent, you will need to become educated. You do not want to peg your hope for success in life on good luck. We cannot generalize success on the stories of a few exceptional people such as Bill Gates. You need to have a fallback plan (college degree) in case things go south.

While we may be tempted to focus on a handful of people and make arguments that higher education is not necessary for success, there are many people who have tried to make it without education and have not become the likes of Richard Branson. Most may be doing more than okay, but the connections you have are as important as the education you have. There may be no need for everyone to rush into college, but basing your choice for life after high school on Bill Gate’s or Zuckerberg’s luck is senseless since the two are just but a few exceptional successful dropouts.

Going to college benefits you by expanding your view of the world.Education helps a successful entrepreneur to understand how their venture affects the society. You also learn how to use your money wisely. With this wisdom, you can profit and help your community even more. It would be of no use to have material possessions but have minds that are impoverished. People should go to school. It is good for us.

While we can argue education to be unnecessary, studies have shown that many examples of success are when there is education than when there isn’t. It is, for instance, hard to make an individual or company put their money on the table unless you have been educated. With the right system of education, students can learn hands-on skills of getting solutions to the business problems they will encounter. When starting a course, students in multimedia design and web design, for instance, do not have a clue of how to innovate. But by the time they are leaving, they have an acquired set of skills as well as an idea of what entails designing and innovation. The degree helps them to acquire a job before they can start their ventures.

Schools could be very useful if they taught self-determination. The process of self-determination is something that has not been taught in our schools yet necessary for kids in life. Most people have become afraid to follow their dreams; kids grow up to be complacent individuals. Students need to be taught about believing in themselves so that they use the skills learned in schools to weave their success. With determination, education can support you in achieving the desired success.

At some point, education becomes necessary. When deciding to come up with an operating system for commercial purposes, Gates was extremely educated.

Opponents of college degrees

Those against higher education argue that college education was not meant for everyone. If you have a passion for something, it doesn’t matter if you have higher education or not; nothing will stop you. You will hire the right guys to do the job. There are many people in the world, and only a small proportion of them believe they have a chance of succeeding. Only a few, who are afraid of failure, give it their best try. To such individuals, if being successful will involve quitting university, then so be it.

In college, we are taught crazy-complex formulas and algorithms in statistics or how to derive cost and profit functions in economics. However, few of us use these formulas to arrive at decisions. What is needed for success in entrepreneurship is hands-on education, overall training in liberal arts and use of case studies. Education should only be for molding aspects of decision making and shaping character. At the end of it all, a company will succeed because of passion, value proposition, and unique service.

Most systems of education are structured to prepare learners for job opportunities. An MBA degree offers skills and knowledge to a student interested in entrepreneurship, but it fails to offer tips that are useful when starting a business venture. Entrepreneurs should take the money meant for school and start successful businesses.

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