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Covid-19: The British Army could be drafted to maintain public order

by LLB Reporter
3rd Mar 20 11:25 am

Under the prime minister’s action plan to tackle coronavirus in the UK, the British Army could be drafted to help maintain public order, in the worst case scenario.

Boris Johnson said, the need for the Army to be deployed to support police is a “reasonable worst-case scenario.”

Police could be reduced to deal with just serious crimes and to maintain public order, also the NHS could close to all but critical care.

The prime minister said in press briefing on Tuesday morning, there is likely to be a “growing number” of UK cases of coronavirusis and it is “highly likely” to accelerate within days and weeks.

The government has not placed figures on any projected mortality rates over a major outbreak of coronavirus in the UK.

However, there are reports from experts that in a worse case scenario four out five could contract the virus, meaning 500,000 deaths.

The chief medical officer, Professor Chris Whitty said that around 1% of people who are infected with coronavirus “might end up dying,”but the death rate varies with the age group.

He added, that a maximum of proportion of the population at risk of catching the virus could be 80%, but unlikely.

Professor Whitty said there may be a large number of people that have been infected with coronavirus, but are not showing any symptoms, but this can’t be known yet. As such, he says putting a number on how many people might be infected is “speculative.”

The government’s chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance said, protecting the vulnerable is “central” to the government’s plans.

Sir Patrick said, “the timing is critical and it is not now,”  in relation to further government measures.

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