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Covid-19 caused more than health issues as data breaches skyrocket

by John Saunders
17th Aug 21 3:00 pm

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the world in many ways. From the loss of lives, an economic downturn, to changes in daily functions, it has been a big problem. In addition to these problems, the pandemic has already created an opportunity for hackers to invade the healthcare sector.

According to the breach barometer, 41 million patient record breaches occurred in 2020. Often, healthcare data is a target of a ransomware attack. Hackers collect data and threaten to publish the victim’s information unless they receive monetary compensation. Although you cannot reverse existing cases, there are some steps you can take to prevent this from happening to your organization.

Shred old documents

Get document shredding in Toronto to prevent data breaches. You can destroy documents that you no longer need to protect patient confidentiality. If you eliminate records, there will be no data left for hackers to access. If most of your information is on a computer, you can also destroy hardware if needed.

Eliminating documents that are not useful can save you from many risks. Using a professional and reliable shredding company can help you rest assured that your security is in good hands. If you have a lot of sensitive data that you don’t want to leave your premises, opt for on-site destruction.

Improve workplace security measures

You might be more exposed to potential attacks if your workplace is not safe. Take measures and extra steps to enhance security on your work site. You can do this by making ID card access mandatory, prevent access to areas with sensitive data, and keeping an eye on new employees.

In addition, it is necessary to have security cameras and alarms in place to reduce the chances of intrusion. Invest in a good security system so that you can always remain alert.

Secure all computers and networks

Most data breaches occur online. It would be best if you secured all of your computers and office networks. Use password-protected Wi-Fi and encourage staff to only work with that network. It is also helpful to frequently change computer passwords and use multi-factor authentication to enhance security levels.

It would help if you informed your staff about scam emails and suspicious links. If they click on anything strange, your entire system might become a victim of an attack.

Train staff frequently

It is crucial to train staff about security measures since human error is a leading cause of data breaches. Even if their work does not require them to handle sensitive data, they need to know how to prevent and handle potential problems. Consistent training will allow them to identify threats and adequately deal with them.

It can be beneficial to reward your employees when they complete training. A form of incentive might motivate them to learn and remember training content while applying them to their daily work lives.

Healthcare has been a target for many data breaches due to its vulnerability. Take extra measures to prevent breaches, and your patients will thank you! The best way to overcome these problems is by being prepared for them beforehand.

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