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Conspiracy theorists warn the ‘Armageddon alert’ system is a ‘precursor of what’s to come’ which should ‘wake people up’

26th Mar 23 5:18 pm

On Sunday 23 April millions across the UK will receive an alarm on their mobile phones to test a “national warning message” for world war or any other “immediate dangers.”

An alert campaign will be sent out publicly and will tell Brits not to panic when they receive the message on their phones.

The alert will be similar to the old three-minute warning for a nuclear attack as was seen during the Cold War.

Vice reported that some conspiracy theorists believe the “national warning message” is a “precursor of what’s to come.”

Vice reported, that they see this as “part of a nefarious plot to bring about a dystopian New World Order.”

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Mick Stott, the leader of sovereign citizen group Guardians 300 said, “If this wasn’t a precursor for what’s about to come then I don’t know what is.

“If this doesn’t wake people up, then I don’t know what will.”

He added that he believes the alert will allow government spyware to be installed on our mobile phones and it is an exercise which is part of a “scoping strategy…ahead of them crashing the banks.”

Aoife Gallagher, an author and an analyst at ISD Global, said, “The conspiratorial mindset will always default to the belief that nothing is as it seems.”

Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Oliver Dowden said, “It will revolutionise our ability to warn and inform people who are in immediate danger and help us keep people safe.”

The alert can also warn the public of disasters such as a pandemic that lives are at risk and not just for an outbreak of a world war.

A source said, “Hopefully this will be the only time we ever need to send a nationwide message,” which will also have a link to a website and there will have to be a “very high threshold” for issuing such an alert.

TV and radio alerts will also continue should there be any reason to send out a serious alert along with texts and phone messages.

The UK has been warned that they must be prepared for a nuclear if Moscow wins in Ukraine as Vladimir Putin will “point” his “nuclear missiles at London” and other countries.

Labour’s Shadow Paymaster General Fleur Anderson said, “While Britain faces increasing global threats, not least from Putin’s Russia, this saga has dragged on far too long and left our country lagging far behind on keeping the public safe.”

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