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Casino games from Japan: Then to now

by Sarah Dunsby
19th Jun 24 4:33 pm

With Japan’s rich history in gaming and technology advancements, the online gambling scene has seen a strong focus from Japanese players looking to explore the variety available from off-shore platforms. In turn with the rise in popularity of online gaming, many traditional Japanese games have been revisited and included in casino games selections. Here you will learn interesting facts about popular Japanese casino games and their place in iGaming today.

Pachinko – Japanese arcade game

Pachinko is by far the most traditional and popular casino game to have its roots planted in Japanese culture. This game is considered the true Japanese arcade game. With its popularity among gaming fans, it is no surprise that Pachinko has gone on to become one of the most-played casino games for players in Japan making use of offshore casino sites.

Pachinko, although still not a legal gambling game that can be played for real money from land-based locations can be played on select online platforms. Players looking for a land-based option can however play from pachinko parlors and trade their ‘prizes’ for cash at separate off-site premises.

Dragon Tiger – Japanese Baccarat

Dragon Tiger is an exciting Japanese casino game that resembles Baccarat. With Dragon Tiger, players are required to wager on which hand will win against the other, between the ‘dragon’ and the ‘tiger’. The player with the highest numerical value of cards determines the winning hand. If you guessed the right hand you win the round.

Dragon Tiger was first played in Cambodia during its brief occupancy period by Japan. With its Japanese roots, Dragon Tiger is still very popular among non-gamblers and gamblers as an online casino game in both standard and live varieties.

Pai Gow Poker – Poker with an advantage

Pai Gow Poker, although not traditionally created in Japan, but rather in the USA in 1985, is still considered by many one of the most popular casino games in Japan. Being a 52-card deck game is played on a table suitable for 6 players and a dealer. The object of the game sees all players battling to defeat the banker and their fellow players.

Pai Gow is well known for being a rare example of casino games that make use of ‘Advantage Play’ where players use a legal method of baking as often as possible to get an advantage.

Sic Bo – Casino dice game

Sic Bo, one of the most well-known games on this list and also not traditionally designed in Japan is available from top online casinos including casinoleo-online.jp with Evolution Gaming’s Japanese Super Sic Bo. This game is true to its name ‘Precious Dice’ by being an easy and straightforward dice game. The objective of this simple, yet entertaining game is to predict which numbers will appear on the dice after being thrown. Although odds can range anything from 1 to 1 or 180 to 1, Sic Bo does create an exciting atmosphere for all players looking for an entertaining casino game or even to have a chance at winning real money.

Japanese casino games – Enjoy responsibly

With Japanese casino games being full of entertainment, thrill, excitement, and innovation, the games mentioned here should be played responsibly with a focus on strategy use and sticking with a planned bankroll. These games are considered among the most popular casino games with ‘Japanese roots’ and serve to be enjoyed by gamers of all skill levels.


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