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Brits can save £22,000 a year by moving to sunny Spain

by LLB Reporter
8th Aug 18 2:08 pm

Spain is famous for its sunny climate and abundance of beaches, but new research has found that it can also save you some cash.

The data, collated by thinkSPAIN, has found that Brits who emigrate to Spain can save an astonishing £22,167.76 on living costs.

Factoring in the cost of accommodation, entertainment, family, food and drink, healthcare and transport, Brits can save thousands of pounds on amenities and everyday products and activities. So, moving from the UK to Spain may be a great opportunity but don’t forget to consult a solicitor about the legal matters.

Property prices can be make or break for those who are deciding whether to take the plunge and start a new life in Spain. It’s good news for Spaniards, with the average house price per square metre being five times less than the UK average. It’ll cost you £17,766 per square metre in Blighty, whereas Spain will only cost you £3,854.

When getting around, you’ll be saving the pennies with Spanish transport. The average price of a one-way ticket via local transport in the UK sets you back £2.40, whereas in Spain it’s almost half the price at £1.23 per one-way ticket.

For those who’d prefer to explore the Spanish streets via their own transport, one litre of gasoline will save you 6p per litre compared to UK prices of £1.18 per litre. It may not sound a lot, but every penny helps!

Cinema trips may be viewed as a luxury and with the average UK price tag of a hefty £10.00 per ticket, it’s easy to see why. However, over in España, a ticket is 30 per cent cheaper, with a price tag of £7.05.

If you like eating out then you could save up to £124.14 on a three course meal for two. A mid-range bottle of wine will save you on average £2.59 and a draught beer £1.74.

The Spanish climate may not come with a price tag, but can offer a better quality of life than the UK. You can ditch the winter coat for shorts and sandals, with the average high temperature of 19.6 degrees celsius in Spain, compared to a mere 14 degrees celsius in the UK.

To help make the decision easier, Spanish property company, thinkSPAIN, created What Price is Paradise?, a comprehensive guide which compares the costs of living in the UK versus Spain, which highlight some hefty savings by moving to sunny Spain.

The guide also includes non-monetary benefits, such as hours of sunshine, level of rainfall and quality of life, adding further weight to the argument that Spain really is the place to be.

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